e poi, non ne rimase nessuno (And Then There Were None) è un film del , diretto da Peter Collinson e basato sul romanzo Dieci piccoli indiani di Agatha Christie. Un misterioso invito da parte di uno sconosciuto che si firma U.N. Owen conduce 10 persone, attirate con strani pretesti, a soggiornare in un’isolata . Finland, Agatha Christie: Eikä yksikään pelastunut Italy, Dieci piccoli indiani. Poland, I nie UK (complete title), Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Ten strangers are invited to an island by a mysterious host, and start to get killed Agatha Christie is more alive than ever, in fact, since writer/director Kenneth.

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Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. First to die is Anthony Marston, whose drink is poisoned with cyanide “one choked his little self”. Dopo una partita a carte tra il giudice, inxiani dottore e Blore, inizia a piovere, e si sente uno sparo: I will never grow tired of “And then there were None”.

Yes No Report this. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.

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Inthe play was published under the new christiie Ten Little Indians the same title under which it had been performed on Broadwayand in an American paperback edition also used this title. General MacArthur fatalistically predicts that no one will leave the island alive, and at lunch, is indeed found dead from a blow to the back of the skull “one said he’d stay there”.

Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.

Christie would have approved of the “drunken orgy” sequences agwtha were inserted close to the finale, but apart from that I’ve never seen a more version more faithful to the source novel. He then watched Vera shoot Lombard. Other critics laud the use of twists, turns, and surprise endings. Eight people of different social classes: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Cyril Ogilvie Hamilton 3 episodes, Each guest finds in his or her room an odd bit of bric-a-brac and a framed copy of the nursery rhyme “Ten Little Soldiers” “Niggers” or “Indians” in respective earlier editions hanging on the wall. However, the main character of the series manages to solve both cases and leaves the scene unharmed. Four little Soldier boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were three. Several variations of the avatha novel were adapted for television.


The gun’s recoil will send it to the doorknob and out into the hallway, detaching the cord and pulling the door closed.

Ten strangers are invited to an island by a mysterious host, and start to get killed one by one.

And Then There Were None

Before dinner that evening, the guests notice ten soldier etc. These aspects of the novel, argues Alison Light, “could be relied upon automatically to conjure up a thrilling ‘otherness’, a place where revelations about the ‘dark side’ of the English would be appropriate. Bruno NicolaiCarlo Rustichelli. Vera Claythorne Brenda Vaccaro: Since they are the only people on the island, the rapidly shrinking group of survivors realize that U.

The closed setting with the succession of deaths is here taken to its logical conclusion, and the dangers of ludicrousness and sheer reader-disbelief are skillfully avoided.

Elmo Rodgers mette un disco su un grammofono, registrato da Owen, che accusa tutti i presenti di essere autori di un delitto. Isaac Morris 2 episodes, Sam Neill La mattina seguente, anche la signora Rodgers viene ritrovata morta nel suo letto.

The first novel even ends with a message bottle sent indiain one of the characters washing ashore and being discovered by a fisherman several years after the incident. Add the first question. Another variant of And Then There Were None made in was the first colour English-language film version of the novel, directed by Peter Collinson from a screenplay by Peter Welbeck.

Henry Blore Yehuda Elfroni: Wargrave admits to craving posthumous recognition of his scheme. In a trance of exhaustion, guilt, and relief, she hangs herself, fulfilling the final verse of the rhyme. There have been several film adaptions of the novel. The author of the movie’s screenplay, Robert Florey, “doubted that [Christie] had seen A Study in Scarlet but he regarded it as a compliment if it had helped inspire her”.


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Rimangono solo in cinque e decidono di rivelare le cause dei loro crimini impuniti. This version did not contain any chapter divisions. Edit Cast Series cast summary: An episode of “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends”, entitled “7 Little Superheroes”, focuses on a group of superheroes on a mysterious island being captured one by one in accordance with a rhyme.

For this version, Elyot returned to the book version of the story and restored the original ending where both Blore and Lombard die and Vera commits suicide. Ten strangers are persuaded to retreat from their troubled lives and travel to Soldier Island, an isolated rock off the Devon coast, where all is not as it seems.

Owen read that out loud but upon their arrival their host and hostess aren’t present. He is found dead in the woodshed, struck in the head with an axe “one chopped himself in halves”. Could one of them be the killer? He will then wrap a handkerchief around the handle of the gun and shoot himself in the head.

Owen”-yet evidence that someone was still alive after Vera’s suicide is that the chair Vera used to hang herself had been righted and replaced against the wall. In altri progetti Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

Elsa Martin Orson Welles: He also kills the guests by order of their level of guilt, first killing those whose crimes were less direct or out of carelessness, or who felt some level of remorse, and saving the most cold-blooded killers for last.

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