PILOT’S OPERATING HANDBOOK and. FAA APPROVED AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL. CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY. MODEL N. The POH is a document developed by the aircraft manufacturer and contains FAA approved AFM information. Which typically contains the following nine. Page 1. INFORMATION. MANUAL. Ir Cessna. SALES AND SERVICE. MODEL. RG. Cutlass RG. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7.

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Cessna Transponder and Encoding Altimeter Sheet 1 of 2. However, the installation of an externally mounted cewsna front panel of the computer-amplifier, shown in Figure 1. July We urge you to read it from cover to cover, and to refer to it frequently. Page The large, outer control knob labeled for the marker beacon lights.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. If the alternate static source is being used, refer to the airspeed calibration variations between the normal and alternate static sources as shown in Section 5.

This handbook contains 9 sections, and includes the material required to be furnished to the pilot by CAR Part 3. If the engine is hot, turn 127rg auxiliary fuel pump switch ON just prior to and during engine cranking to suppress possible vapor in the fuel line.


Cessna Transponder and Altitude Encoder Blind. Page 63 Figure The checklist for this problem should result in elimination of If all attempts to restart the engine csssna and a forced landing is the fire.

The gyros are located immediately in front of the pilot, and weight. Pressing the Master Disconnect Switch on the pilot’s control wheel.

It includes the weight of start, taxi Reply lamp will also glow steadily during initial warm-up period.


Page 62 Figure The marker beacon audio tone identifier is automatically Figure 2. With this squelch system, you set the threshold level for auto- cessba whether selected course is TO or FROM station. Autopilot OFF during take-off and landing.

When the knob is pulled out to the heat position, air entering the engine is not filtered. After passing through the filter, the induction air enters an OPEN position for maximum cooling.

The operating controls for the Cessna A Navomatic are located on the front panel of the computer-amplifier and on the directional gyro, shown in Figure 1. Section 1 provides basic data and information of general interest. When pushing on the tailcone, always apply The airplane is most easily and safely maneuvered by hand with the pressure at a bulkhead to avoid buckling the skin. Emergencies caused by airplane or engine The pilot should demonstrate the operation of all seats to the passengers before flight.


Page VHF navigation receiver. Propeller Care The soap suds, used sparingly, will remove traces of dirt and grease. It also contains definitions or explanations of symbols, abbreviations, and terminology commonly used.

Since this DME is not factory take the airplane to travel the distance to the channeled station. Numbers in parentheses indicate forward and aft limits of occupant center of gravity range.

Cessns urge you to read it from cover to cover, and to refer to it frequently. Short field technique as specified in Section 4.

POH Cessna 1980 172RG

Operation of the Cessna Glide Slope system is controlled by the associated navigation system. Function Switch — ON. Taxiing over loose gravel or cinders should be done at low engine speed to avoid abrasion and stone damage to the propeller tips.

Center of Gravity Moment Envelope Figure

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