Find replacement and service parts catalogs online for the Polaris RZR, Sportsman, ACE, GENERAL and RANGER by model and year. View and Download Polaris RANGER RZR S service manual online. RANGER RZR S Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: ranger. View and Download Polaris RZR owner’s manual online. RZR Offroad Offroad Vehicle Polaris Ranger RZR Owner’s Manual. ( pages).

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Got it, continue to print. Align Timing Marks PU 3. Install seat base and connect the battery. Press and hold the MODE button to exit the diagnostics code menu. Do not replace the ECU without factory authorization.

Owner’s Manuals

Check the brake system for fluid leaks. Other languages are provided as translations of the original instructions. At the engine, fuel is fed through the fuel rail and into the injectors, which inject into the intake ports. Torque the solenoid to ft-lbs Nm.

Page Be sure to keep the shims together for reassembly.

Inspect these components and replace if needed. Max Tip Clearance 0. Uneven adjustment may cause poor handling of the vehicle, which could result in an accident.

Page Press down reassembly.

Page Mounting Bolts: This aids in reassembly and maintains clutch balance after reassembly. Federal law requires that this spark arrester be installed and functional when the vehicle is operated on public lands.


Cycle the key several times to prime the system. Page Support Bearing Fasteners: Install washers with bearing carrier.

RZR Manuals

No internal servicing or readjustment may be performed. Page Key switch input to enable relay.

Press and hold the MODE button to save the setting rzf advance to the next display option. All relays PN located in fuse box are the same and can be swapped out to help diagnose electrical problems. Never open the throttle suddenly. B If the torque required to rotate the output shaft is within specification, no adjustment is needed and the transfer case reassembly is complete. Turn the engine off.

RZR Manual | eBay

Remove the stabilizer bar from the bracket bracket can remain attached to the frame. Reduce speed and allow a greater distance for braking when carrying cargo. Page Repeat this procedure 10 times. Repeat the procedure to change remaining display settings. Oil Flow Chart MAG side crankshaft journal and also to the front balance shaft journal and onto the crankcase sump. Ignition Coil Retaining Bolt: Lubricate and install the rebound valve stack. Page Torque mounting bolts to specification.

Failure to follow the safety precautions could result in serious injury or death. Ball Joint Service A-arm to gain enough clearance to install ball joint tool PU on the lower ball joint.

Page 12 or who cannot comfortably reach the floor and hand holds.

Check the friction pads for wear, damage and looseness. Apply the brakes lightly for stopping. Attach a clean, clear hose to fitting and place the other end in a clean container.


Slide the rear drive shaft into the rear bearing carrier.

Page If you purchase from a private party: Output shaft bearing cup is a slip-fit. If all of these indicate a good condition, yet the starter still fails to turn, the starter must be removed for static testing and inspection.

Transmission And Gearcases 4. When the key switch is turned to “ON”, the ECU activates the fuel pump, which pressurizes the system for start-up. Support caliper so as not to kink or bend brake line. Failure to heed the warnings and safety precautions contained in this manual can result in severe injury or death.

Carefully remove the power steering unit and mount bracket from the vehicle as an assembly. Page 98 dowel in first. After riding my Polaris rzr for an hour or so and I stop and turn it off, try and start it back up a lot of hesitation occurs and I have to pat the gas and finally it starts.

Page Check for wear bands Armature Plate 7. Never operate in fast-flowing water or in water that exceeds the floor level of the vehicle.

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