Particle Counters Provide Essential Monitoring and Classification of Airborne Particles for Cleanroom Manufacturing, Production, and. Two methods of cell counting are widely employed. The most accurate The second method uses an electronic Coulter counter to count cells in suspension. Duke Standards – 3K-4K Series Particle Counter. COUNT-CAL™ B. Pecan Pollen. μm. 5 g. Bermuda Grass Pollen. μm. 1 g. B.

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The typical unit is either cubic feet or cubic meters. Liquid particle counters have a variety of clean manufacturing applications. Create an Account Invalid Username or Password.

If light blocking obscuration is used the loss of light is detected.

Particle counter – Wikipedia

The particle passes through the light source typically a laser or halogen light and if light scattering is used, then the 217n light is detected by a photo detector. Particle Measuring Systems manufactures particle measurement equipment to the highest industry standards, and is particularly suited for ensuring precision control in cleanroom environments.

Particle Counters and Detectors. Meteorological instrumentation and equipment Counting instruments Particle detectors Aerosols.

Using the sequential sample procedure Annex F allows for reduced sample volume and time required to obtain samples. This deflection is called light scattering. Houses the chemical particle sensor, detects chemical leaks with an external alarm, and provides secondary containment when a leak occurs.

Air Particle Counters – Beckman Coulter

Several standards exist for cleanroom classification. Uses a precision syringe and simple flow-path for delivering chemical samples from a sample vessel or chemical container, directly to the particle sensor.


The particle counts are always listed as cumulative. Remote air particle counters designed for cleanroom operations within industries such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, hard disk drive and flat panel display manufacturing.

The light blocking method is specified for particle counters that are used for counting in hydraulic and lubricating fluids. By determining and monitoring these levels, and following a proactive or predictive paarticle program, the user can reduce hydraulic failures, increase uptime and machine availability, and to reduce oil consumption.

This type of technique allows high resolution and reliable measurement. Typical detection sensitivity of the light scattering method is 0. Create an Account Invalid Username or Password. To receive proper classification, a dedicated cleanroom must meet defined particle count limits. Sizes and counts suspended particulate matter in a wide range of liquids, including parenterals, to meet all current U.

Particle Counters and Detectors

Controlling contamination within these critical liquid process streams is essential to maintaining clean and profitable manufacturing facilities.

The most frequently referred to pparticle is from the United States.

Though originating in the United States, the standard Federal Standard E was the first and most commonly referred to. The web site is now storing only essential cookies on your computer. Aerosol particle counters are used to test and classify a cleanroom to ensure its performance is up to a specific cleanroom classification standard. Call, find a distributor, or send us a message. This technique is based upon the amount of light that is deflected by a particle passing through the detection area of the particle counter.

In the laboratory, particle counters are often combined with particle sizers to measure size distributions.


Register a new account. False particles are associated with the number of intrinsic and extrinsic sources to the system such as cosmic radiation, optoelectronic noise or contamination. Though lower flow rates of 0. Both instruments are challenged with an air sample containing certified particles at the smallest calibration size for the counter being tested, typically 0. The size and number of particles can determine if the liquid is clean enough to be used for the designed application.

This standard was replaced in by an international standard, but Federal Standard E remains today the most widely referenced standard in the world. Without effective contamination measurement, proper control of liquid processes is not possible.

Z1 Single Threshold Cunter cells equal to or greater than the user selected size setting. The page you wanted could not be found, so we brought you to something similar.

It also is useful in understanding the cleanliness level in a controlled environment. The condensation particle counter and differential mobility particle sizers, including the scanning mobility particle sizer and fast mobility particle sizer, ciunter measure aerosol concentration; the diffusion charger and electric low pressure impactor can measure surface area; the size selective static sampler and tapered element oscillating microbalance can measure mass.

There are various types, installed on the equipment, operated in a laboratory as part of an oil analysis programme [2].

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