22TCN 304-03 PDF

used for the same purpose as defined in Tables 1 and 2 in 22 TCN The materials must comply with specified grading and plasticity. 22 TCN CONSTRUCTION METHODS. Prior to laying the sub-base or base, the Contractor shall correct any deformations, ruts, soft spots or other. 22 Tháng Mười Hai 22 TCN *) Quy trnh th nghim xc nh CBR ca t, dm trong phng th nghim. 22tcn cac lop ao duong cap phoi thien nhien – thi.

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The best solution is to classify all buses together and all trucks together as shown in the last two rows of the Table.

This type of truck normally has small loading capacity in cubic metre thus low axle loading. In situ and laboratory testing indicates low strength and out-of specification gravel sub-base within sections BH5 and BH6. Ring trng hp nn p t ln mt ta luy phi khng c hin tng cc vin ln b bong bt kim tra bng quan st. Xc nh cc ch tiu kim tra khc. Sealed DBM in good condition. Penetration Macadam Stone Aggregate This shall be machine crushed or hand broken fresh material 22tch may include, quarried rock, natural granular material such as rocks, gravel or boulders.

Pavement is in good condition, seal is smooth, undamaged.

TCVN 9436 – 2012 Nen Duong Oto Thi Cong Va Nghiem Thu

Son tho ch dn k thut ri v m nn cho thi cng th nghim yu cu phi tht t m chi tit. Was the as-built road suitable for Commune Road A traffic? In some sub-sections pavement structure is essentially destroyed. Kim tra ngu nhin kch thc bc mt s ch nghi ngi v nht thit phi c nh cp v lu ln mt bc cp.

The number of heavy trucks is therefore unknown. My xc cc loi – Lm ng tm my xc gu nghch. The adjustments that are deemed necessary are as follows. Trong tiu chun ny khng cp n vic thi cng nn p. It is always assumed that the materials of the pavement layers meet minimum strength requirements. Thus if a road behaves badly, there are various possible reasons based on the design, the materials and the quality of construction, or combinations of all three.


TCVN – Nen Duong Oto Thi Cong Va Nghiem Thu – [PDF Document]

It was also observed that this kind of truck is rarely found on the road network. This survey allows engineers to assess actual axle loading of different vehicle types and to calculate the conversion factor of vehicles trafficking in the surrounding area of Buon Ho Trial Road. The investigation showed that Buon Ho road has suffered significant and rapid deterioration leading in places to complete pavement failure, but that the pavement condition is not uniform and there are significant lengths with only slight or moderate deterioration and other areas where no deterioration is evident.

Table 11 Estimates of heavy traffic on the trial road ADT July July Jan Elapsed time Vehicle type Heavy trucks Dec 0 months 12 months 18 months 30 months 10 79 41 There are a number of likely errors in this calculation. Key test results are summarised in 304-30 5 and 6. Nu dng 22tdn b o cht bng cc phng php vt 22tn, phi thao tc v t u o ng theo vn bn ch dn km theo thit b ca nh sn xut. Emulsion Seal Chippings These shall be machine crushed or manually broken 22txn material that may include, quarried rock, natural granular material such as rocks, gravel or boulders.

C 50 m kim tra mt im. The other traffic counts are useful because they provide information concerning the general growth rate of traffic in the area.

No cracking or rutting. Weathered stone Gneiss, quartzite…. It is recommended to reconstruct the road to meet Province Road standards of pavement strength and geometry, taking 304–03 account of the likely heavy traffic.


No adjustment is made for varying normal traffic along the road since 30-03 traffic is dominant and is about twice as much. Trong ma ma phi c bin php hn ch t ri vi trn 3004-03 ng ang khai thc v hn ch thi gian xe phi chy trc tip trn nn t mi thi cng nn c gng lm mt ng sm.


An Intech-TRL Quality Assurance team visited the completed roads in June to conduct an assessment of as-built quality based on available evidence. There was a lack of some quality control DCP test results Some CBR laboratory test results from as-delivered material were low Some particle size distributions for DBM and WBM aggregate were poor There was insufficient site and laboratory data 22tn section 4 During the construction period, the 3004-03 indicated that they proposed to upgrade this road to provincial level and observations by 034-03 of traffic using completed sections indicated that there was already a significant risk of heavy traffic using the road.

Cc mc ny thng b tr cch nhau 0,5 km dc tuyn v b tr ti cc v tr cu ln, cu trung, hm, ch giao nhau khc mc, ch c nn p cao o su, ch c cng trnh chng nn ng The maximum particle size shall be 6mm.

In total of30 mini and large buses, light truck 2 axles, medium truck 2 axles, 61 heavy trucks 3 axles and 7 heavy truck 4 axles were weighted. For this investigation it is important to obtain an estimate of the traffic loading that the trial road carried during this period of heavy trafficking. The remaining functioning well Not definable Gravel shoulder is slightly to moderately eroded. A separate report deals with the partial deterioration of the Ea Soup Road.

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