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New licensing manhal To make licensing easier, the three versions of Soft Starter ES are available with immediate effect with the following license: Items which are on stock will be shipped out for calibration within 24 hours.

Filter selection applies under standard conditions: Screw connection Spring-loaded connection 33rw4056-6bb44 see tabular overview on page 5ff. Standard digital setting 1. If you wish to change your cookie settings, or learn more about cookies, click here. S0 Contactor base for building up direct-on-line or reversing starters Terminal block to integrate 1- 2- or 3-pole components DIN rail, 45 mm, to integrate other devices into the msnual, such as 5SY motor starter protectors Wider expansion plug Spare parts 1 pc.

This results in a further reduction in the heat loss occuring during operation of the soft starter. Total Price CHF An integral bypass contact system reduces the power loss of the soft starter during operation.

Manufacturer Siemens :: Technical documentation | Info | Data Sheet :: Page 36

The bypass contacts already integrated in the soft starter bypass the thyristors after a motor ramp-up is detected. Equipped with the functions of a circuit breaker, a contactor and a solid-state overload relay, the compact starter offers maximum reliability and minimum variance as direct-online or reversing starter up to 32 A.

Delivery time A 3RW44 5. Because the output is parameterized to “Motor ON”, the start command mamual automatically active after the manuzl command and a new, automatic restart will take place.

This facilitates diagnostics and maintenance, and it shortens response times for service purposes. The bypass contacts of these soft starters are protected during operation by an integrated solid-state arc quenching system.


Control supply voltage Overload relays Rated operating current Order no. This not only enables the two-phase starting of motors up to Hp at V but also avoids the current and torque peaks which occur e.

Thank you for your message. Thanks to integrated status monitoring and fault monitoring, this compact soft starter offers many different diagnostics options. Configuration, installation, wiring and maintenance can be realized easily and in minimum time.

Siemens Sirius 3RW40 – 90kW Soft Start with 230V controls

Calculate soft starter and motor with size allowance where required. Certain styles may deviate from values indicated. The higher the motor rating, the more important these functions because they make it unnecessary to purchase and install protection equipment such as overload relays.

Spring-loaded connection for mounting onto DIN rail S0: With size S00 and S0 3dw4056-6bb44, the auxiliary switches are already integrated in the enclosure.

All categories | Manufacturer Siemens

The optimized motor ramp-up and ramp-down can be effected quickly, easily and reliably by means of just a few settings with a previously selected language. As an option the thyristors can also be protected by semiconductor fuses from short-circuiting. The control method used for these soft manuao eliminates these direct current components during the ramp-up phase and prevents the braking torque which they can cause.

The harmonic component load for starting currents must be taken into consideration for the maual of motor starter protectors selection of release. All product designations may be trademarks or product names of Siemens AG or supplier companies whose use by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of the owners.

Due to the wide setting ranges, the current range is covered with a minimum number of versions. This is made possible by the ongoing dynamic harmonizing and balancing of current half-waves of different polarity during the motor ramp-up.


In addition to Class 10, 15 and 20 it is also possible to switch off the motor overload protection if a different motor management control device is to be used for this function, e. They can be used in the widest range of applications to exploit the advantages of soft starting for the easy and efficient realization of optimum machine concepts.

Can I get my instruments re-calibrated and is it necessary? Fuses, controls and overload relays must be ordered separately. All elements of the main circuit such as fuses, controls and overload relays should be dimensioned for direct starting, following the local short-circuit conditions. With the inside-delta circuit there is double the wiring complexity but a smaller size of device can be used at the same rating. Not possible in inside-delta circuit.

For solid-state motor controller, Type 3RW And even inrush current peaks are reliably avoided thanks to adjustable current limiting. Solid-state reversing contactors can be used for applications with high switching frequencies up to 3 kW. Spring-loaded connection for mounting onto DIN rail: S0 Spring-loaded 1 pc.

Optional up to size S3 device variant. Degree of noise suppression A industrial applications Siemens Industry, Inc. For further information, please refer to the catalog.

MS, MO manual motor starters 0.

Rated current F3 Type A Semiconductor fuses min. Maximum connection flexibility Of course, all components of the SIRIUS modular system are also available with the screw-type connection system — largely even with ring cable lug — for special requirements, e. manal

Due to two-phase control, the current is kept at minimum values in all three phases throughout the entire starting time.

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