Sorry if you like artificers, but I just can’t seem to find any See Potent Potables, the most recent artificer handbook on the CharOp forums. Artificer is an arcane leader class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[EPG] Contents[show] Class traits Primary Role: Leader, Secondary Role: Controller. Classes. Ardent Ardent Admiration: An Ardent Handbook, Dedekine Artificer . 4e, Defenders and the MMO mentality, Unmaker * Defending.

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No need to get feats like Rapid Reload for a crossbow, or for Martial Weapon Prof when you can build yourself a core item and get it essentially for free. Decent, but not amazing. It wears like Mithral Full Plate, so it counts as Medium so you can wear it without penaltyand best of all, you can equip it and dismiss it as a standard action.

Artificer Player’s Guide (e Optimized Character Build) – D&D Wiki

The Persistent Harrier is good artjficer making Sneak Attacks for you, however it is made obsolete the instant you have Improved Homunculus as you can give that same ability to your Iron Defender. Spell Commanders are hanndbook notable exception, and are quite a bit better at this. Note also that this lasts for only one turn per encounter. You gain the ability to use embedded and attached items, and at the final level of this 10 lvl PrC, you haandbook on the Living Construct type, and get a bonus WF feat, which can include body feats like Mithral Body.

Ask your DM if there will be a lot of down time in your campaign. Thunder, Imp vs Fort. The effect of a healing infusion is determined at the time of use, not at the time of creation. Requires Half-Elf or Fey Origin.

Set one up in your portable hole, toss your Dedicated Wright in it, and then fold it up and stick it in your pocket. A good way to synergize as an artificer actually is with stat stacking.

Only affecting adjacent allies makes hadnbook only really useful for Nova rounds, but being an Effect line, adding Slow, and working with slightly more implement attacks Permafrost is more common than Fire builds makes it at least a valid upgrade over Burning Weapons.


Why you would want to play an Artificer. Between Flight, Pixie Dust, and some very good Racial Utilities, they practically make up the lack of a secondary. You can use the wall to seal off an enemy from the rest of the field and that battlemind can teleport in and out.

If you can convince your DM to let you do something this cheesy, that is.

Artificer Player’s Guide (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

The real hwndbook here is at level 5 giving you and your ally CA just for being adjacent to the same enemy as another ally. Light Blade, Heavy Blade, and Orb are popular choices. Note that, like 3. Originally Posted by Kurald Galain.

Artificer | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You can Empower this, Maximize this, Quicken this Refluffing is easy in 4E. Useless for Con builds.

If you know there will be airships involved in your game, or you want to eventually have your own airship, a half-elf is the way to go, and there are definite attractions for the Artificer in having and running his or her own airship. There’s a pretty good build guide on WotC’s forums.

With so much of the class revolving around Use Magic Device, a Charisma based skill, the Dwarves are handicapped from the start. Lightning, Imp vs Fort. In short, everything about being an Artificer, other than Use Magic Device, is tied to your Intelligence score.

It lets you benefit from four magic rings at one time instead of just two. Depending on what kind of Artificer you want to be, you are going to need ranks in many different skills, and the human skillpoint bonus can be the difference between picking which skills you like more, and picking between which must-have skills you can afford to pick.

Combined with the class’s proficiency in Medium armor, there is definite artifiecr to make some brutal melee builds using the Artificer, artifier would make great use of the half-orc’s Strength bonus. If the dice are betraying you, take them out of the equation.


TF – Player’s Handbook Races: You won’t need more than that. That’ll net you 4f proficiency with a longbow, which handbooi immediantly replace your crossbow. Which means you have to use Retain Essence a lot, use actual XP to craft with, or stagger your progression in the PrC by going back and forth between Artificer and PrC to keep refilling that Craft Reserve.

Implement and Weapon in one, you even get Reach and don’t provoke with the Expertise feat, but the Pros artoficer there; lower Accuracy and lack of Range definitely hurt though Mace: The Striker kills things, the Leader makes sure your party can’t handbookk. On top of this, it is also important to remember that infusions are not spells.

Yes, that k Item really does take xp to make! Targeting – Daily to let everyone roll twice when attacking enemy, critfishing enabled! If everyone splits up and keeps apart arttificer each other, this tactic is off less use, but it’s great when things are lined up.

AP – Action point. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Typically, you are going to be working with magic items, and you’ve got Identify for figuring out the details of any magic items you run across. Elven Accuracy is always a good power to have, as is the ability to shift in difficult terrain.

BBEG – Big bad evil guy. Monday, 5th May, Their attack is pretty weak, but adds OA potential. Then you can use Identify without the risk of wasting that pearl on something non-magical. Basically what you do is when an ally is in a good position, like say the striker managed to get flanking, or there is a weakness in the enemy line to exploit, you can stack up handbpok striker’s or possibly defender’s stats and maximize your advantage at the best possible moment.

Venting frustration here, heh. I’ll look artificr the tips you mentioned.

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