Tube or Röhre ID, Triode, vacuum, Nuvistor and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Find great deals for NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The nuvistor is a type of vacuum tube announced by RCA in Most nuvistors are basically – First one released, medium mu triode; – Sharp cutoff tetrode; – triode for low plate voltages; – triode, with plate cap & grid.

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7586 NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor

Capacitor types Ceramic resonator Crystal oscillator Inductor Parametron Relay reed relay mercury switch. Although it’s true that Nuvistors were the last significant development of the small signal valve industry, it’s wrong to regard them as RCA’s last attempt to fend off the transistor.

Since they only have to survive for a short time once powered up, but they need to be very reliable for this period, components for sonobuoys were tested for 20 and hour reliability, as well as short and long-term shock and sweep-frequency fatigue vibration tests.

As you can see the Nuvistor is considerably smaller than the 6AF4A. You can see the ‘short’ pins which barely protrude through the ceramic base and which support the internal structure of the valve, and the ‘long’ pins that connect to the socket.

Transliteration of the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. This solved any obsolescence issue as the was obtainable everywhere, and could easily be replaced if necessary as it was mounted in a socket.

The valve is made of metal and ceramic, which needed special manufacturing techniques beyond the molten glass handling and high vacuum technology more normally used for valve manufacture, which results in very low losses at high frequencies.

Comments from readers who may have actually seen European Nuvistors being manufactured would be welcomed.

Nuvistor Valves

From the date of this advert, I’d say the picture is an artist’s impression of a Mercury one-man mission. A special case design was developed for these new valves, resulting in small size and very good high frequency performance, which are clearly good news for the RF nucistor of TV sets, but also have other useful attributes for more onerous applications. There’s no escaping the similarity between the word ‘Nuvistor’ and the phrase ‘New Vista’: The way the ‘long’ and ‘short’ pins protrude through the nuviztor base wafer can be seen.


Metal Case and Twelvar Base A special case design was developed for these new valves, resulting in nuvisyor size and very good high frequency performance, which are clearly good news for the RF stages of TV sets, but nuvishor have other useful attributes for more onerous applications. The rigidness of the Nuvistor structure makes these valves very resistant to microphony, and hence they don’t generate and sustain uncontrolled acoustic feedback.

The circuits were crude by today’s standards – they contained several transistors and a few resistors, but they were the first step on the road that has led to billions of transistors now being regularly deposited onto a single silicon chip. Transistors at that time weren’t the full answer to all problems in electronics, and so valves nuvustor had nyvistor lot to offer.

Note how the valves’ part numbers are deeply stamped into the tops of the metal shells – no chance of it rubbing off, which is definitely a problem with glass-enclosed valves! The schematic of the Ampex MR tape recorder. Nuvistors were used extensively in test equipment produced in the s and s by companies such as Tektronix and Hewlett Packard.

RCA coined the word ‘Nuvistorization’, this being the process of designing Nuvistors into new equipment. These Russian wire-ended valves have the advantage that they do not need a socket, which in a high-reliability application such as a military aircraft is a major source of failure, and can be wired directly into circuit.

Potentiometer digital Variable capacitor Varicap. This needed considerable modifications to the microphone and its accompanying power supply, which could supply up to two microphones at the same time. Brimar described its 6AM4 introduced in as being ‘for grounded-grid amplifier or mixer use in the frequency range to MHz’. The first commercial field-effect transistors FETs also came out in Nuvistors filled a niche where low noise VHF and UHF amplification was needed to improve the performance of the colour TVs of the early 756, especially in fringe reception areas.

Mullard’s exploded view of the Nuvistor triode and its component parts. The is a medium mu triode. The U64 studio microphone was equipped with a Nuvistor from day one.

The Nuvistor is often regarded as a last desperate effort by valve manufacturers to stem the flow of ‘transistorisation’ which was becoming a torrent by this time.


By the 6CW4 was priced at 1 in a magazine costing buvistor, so it was considerably cheaper in real terms by then. Nuvistors, specifically the 6CW4, seem to have become commonly available in the UK in the first half of Unlike in a glass-based valve there is no getter structure, whose function is to eliminate the last traces of any remaining gasses after the valve has been evacuated and sealed.

Texas Instruments and Fairchild announced their development of the first integrated circuits in late The valve was compact, at 37mm tall excluding pins, and its 6. You may just be able to see the Nuvistor logo on the valve itself.

One famous application was in the Ampex MR, a costly studio tape recorder whose entire electronics section was based on nuvistors. In the cold war environment of the late s I think we should assume that Nuvitsor designers already had military and space uses for these valves in mind, even as they were testing the first prototypes and perfecting the novel production process.

The ‘Nuvistor’ name was intended to evoke similarities to the words ‘new’ nivistor ‘transistor’, presumably to help overcome bias against the use of ‘old fashioned’ valve technology. They feature excellent VHF and UHF performance plus low noise figures, and were widely used throughout the s in television sets beginning with RCA’s “New Vista” line of color sets in with the CTC chassisradio and high-fidelity equipment primarily in RF sections, and oscilloscopes.

The February issue of The Radio Constructor described two versions of an aerial pre-amplifier for a nuvostor telescope, centred on MHz.

NOS Tube Store: RCA Nuvistor

The tube is made entirely of metal and ceramic. Use in the Audio Studio One famous audio application of the Nuvistor was in the mids Ampex MR, a costly studio-grade 1-inch 4-track tape recorder whose entire electronics section was based on triodes and push-pull pairs of tetrodes. Readers’ comments as to whether this is true would be welcome. One explanation is that RCA ‘transferred’ the nuvistkr and manufacturing technology to Mullard under some mutually beneficial arrangement, as happened with many other valve designs.

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