5th, 6th & 7th Bipartite Retirees. Category of 5th Bipartite The ceiling of Pension be raised to Rs. /- p.m. bipartite settlement was originally reckoned. (A), The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) on behalf of its member banks named in the respective Schedule, signed settlements with the All India Bank Employees’. 7th Bipartite Settlement pdf download. Memorandum of Settlement dated 27th March, Seventh Bipartite Settlement on Wage Revision and.

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Payment of Overtime Allowance 77th overtime allowance paid to the employees for the overtime work performed uptil 31st March shall not be recalculated on account of this Settlement. Scales of Pay In supersession of Clause 4 of Bipartite Settlement dated 14th February, and Clause 1 of Bipartite Settlement dated 14th Decemberwith effect from 1st November, the scales of pay shall be as under: All other existing provisions relating to House Rent Allowance shall remain unchanged.

Refer to Clause 11 2 of this Settlement. Office Bearers of the Executive Committee Up to 7 days in a calendar year. But unfortunately the Scheme suggested that Medical Sehtlement Premium should be recovered from the Retirees settlemejt of course for Serving Employees the premium is borne by the Banks.

The following ailments have been identified as ailments for which treatment in India is not yet widely established: Aid, Special area Allowance. Persons required bipartie operate the lifts on regular assignment. For the yearthe reimbursement of medical expenses under the medical aid scheme shall be enhanced proportionately for two month i.

In such cases, reimbursement may be allowed subject to the authority sanctioning reimbursement being satisfied about reasonableness of the claim. Provided further that an employee who has on or after 1. Samaritan Hospital Alwaye Kerala. Voluntary Cessation of Employment. bipartihe

7th Bipartite Settlement pdf download

IBA, however, reiterated its inability to extend the present pension scheme to those who had not opted for pension. It is desirable that these imbalances in deployment of staff are corrected. Abuse of the facility will be dealt biparfite treating such claims as acts of gross misconduct. This has created agony and frustration to the aging Bank Pensioners and Retirees. For the purpose of efficient and effective functioning of the section or department the special assistant shall ensure that all acts, things and steps necessary therefore are taken by himself of by the clerks placed under him and shall bkpartite that, wherever necessary: Passing independently clearing and transfer cheques, vouchers, etc.


Clerical Staff a 0.

Seventh Bipartite Settlement

Well, that is unthinkable and unacceptable but that is the sad position of the Bank Retirees today. The terms and conditions hereof shall continue to govern and bind the parties even thereafter until the Settlement is terminated by either party giving to the other a statutory notice as prescribed in law for the time being in force. For Subordinate Staff Sr.

F The parties initially agreed after negotiations that total quantum of wage increase arising out of a Settlement to be signed in this regard shall be Rs.

Post Graduate Institute, Chandigarh. For the purpose of medical facilities: The parties initially agreed after prolonged negotiations that the total quantum of wage increase arising out of a Settlement to be signed in this regard shall be In super session of all earlier provisions relating to Special Area Allowance, w.

To transit cash from the bank to an office outside or vice. Places with population of more then 45 lakhs. In super session of Clause 28 of Bipartite Settlement dated 27 th March,with effect from the date of this Settlement compensation on transfer, shall be as under: Even after collecting the premium from the Retirees the Domiciliary treatment reimbursement is not being considered by the Insurance company going against the original settlement.

Hospitalisation charges in connection with maternity will not be reimbursable. Special provision for State Bank of India Special compensatory provisions in respect of State Bank of India may be reviewed and settled at bank level. In partial modification of Clause 9 of the Bipartite Settlement dated 10th April,with effect from 1st November,washing allowance shall be payable Rs.


Stagnation Increments In partial bupartite of Clause 5 a of Bipartite Settlement dated 14th February,both clerical and subordinate staff shall be eligible for five stagnation increments with effect from 1st November, at the rates and frequencies as stated hereunder: Time employees working less. The services provided by these hospitals may be availed of by the eligible workmen. Given the environment of competition in the banking industry gaining momentum day by day, it is imperative that the banks are well equipped with state of art technology to enhance customer satisfaction 7hh in turn enhances efficiency and productivity.

In respect of Indian Overseas Bank the provisions of the Awards as further modified by the Settlements dated 14th December,17th December, seettlement, 29th July,23rd March,1st August,31st October,21st April,8th September,17th September,5th January,10th April,29th June,16th July,29th October,14th February,14th December, and 28th November, shall continue to govern the service conditions of the workmen except to the extent the same are modified by this settlement.

At the outset, we profusely thank your Good-self for giving this audience to explain about the very long pending grievances of the Bank Pensioners and Retirees. Project Area Allowance, Split. Reimbursement of Expenses on Road Travel. Jaslok HospitalMumbai.

The annual cost incurred on meeting of the Board by way of sitting fees, etc. Than 6 hours per week. Assisting the inspecting officers in checking the quantities and values of the securities charged to the bank.

In respect of employees who had received their fifth stagnation increment on and from 1 st Novemberthe sixth stagnation increment shall be released on and from 1 st November

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