PREFACE. ANGUS BETHUNE. “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” is the one story in this collection that does not include a character from any of my. In “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “The Scarlet Ibis,” the conflict of the story shows that people can change considerably as a result of a. And since History tends to draw its parallel upon fictional tales of valor, it is stories such as “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “One Friday.

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Angus and Melissa both have issues and it proves that just because your popular in school, does not mean you do not have issues.

Discuss bethine they originate and how they are perceived by other students. I believe that Chris Curtcher touches on real life situations that occur in our society.

He is an obese teenager, he has 2 sets of homosexual parents, he is a great football player, he takes his anger out by physically beating people down, and he is slightly socially awkward. He comes from a couple who divorced at a very young age for him and are now married to their same sex.

I normally don’t care very much for short stories, but this one was very enjoyable, very easy to relate to, and it had a deeper meaning than what was literally on the pages. I wish there were more young adult books where the main character has homosexual parents because some young adults do have homosexual parents.

Short Story Review for A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune

This is an area that novelists might do well to look into, because of the growing trend of homosexuality in America. Teachers could use this book in the classroom by: Chris Crutcher is, of course, speaking betuhne bullying, and I agree. Through choosing to stand up for himself, and not lose his likability Angus wins over the girl of his dreams and comes out on top. Elise Wile has been a writer since As the overweight son of divorced, gay parents, the protagonist Angus Bethune hardly meets his classmates’ definition of “normal.


As Angus deals with these issues, the reader understands the hardships that he has encountered during his lifetime and feels the pain he has gone through. It seemed that the auther want us to see how things usually work themselves out and there is always a happy ending.

A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune by tanvi Shroff on Prezi

Below are several teaching ideas, concerns, themes, or connections with other text that a teacher could consider important and could possibly teach: Chris Crutcher used an everyday thought and o to create a fun story that will allow students to understand that everyone has a story and struggles with something.

Children would enjoy this story because they can relate to what is happening to Angus and make connections with it too. Not only is he bullied for his size, but he is the child of homosexual parents.

I always felt that way growing up. I thought this story was funny and interesting. I think this would make a great story to introduved to students that are experiencing theses same types of problems. Bullying is a big issue in today’s schools and is damaging to kids.

The content can be vulgar at time, but for a highschool and middle school setting, this should not be a problem at all. Crutcher believes that peer pressure is a very real problem for all high school students in some way. With issues of bullying and being unique, this short story is a great teaching tool for students.

This beyhune raises the issues of bullying and having a different home life. Pife story focuses on Angus Bethune, an overweight teenager with two sets of homosexual parents. He showed up at the ball instead of backing out and looking like a coward. Rick Sanford taunts Angus over his non-normative traits, including his weight and his parents’ relationships.

The sad things was, because of the way everyone had always treated Angus, he could only think of negative things that Melissa could have been saying about having to dance with him. Angus is also teased for being large and bulky. The realization is not everyone is a bully.

I think students would like to read about a character who is real and doesn’t sugar brisf anything. Angus has had a crush on Melissa for years and is nervous he briff embarass himself. Angus is born into a family betbune does not fit the social norm, and because of that he is out casted throughout his childhood. I feel as if I did not relate as well. Most kids Angus’s age are always worried that everyone mokent staring at them, but with Angus they were.


Crutcher did an amazing job, when writing this story, or keeping in mind who would be reading it. I definitely agree that bullying is a terrible issue for a child to endure and this book touches bases on just about everything a child could be teased for. Angus is picked as the winter ball king. I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone!

Despite all of this, he manages to bbethune above, and finds self-acceptance — and acceptance of his family — despite knowing that there will always be some people whom he can never please. He is a funny, sarcastic boy, but i think that it is part of his defense mechanism.

This story was an easy read and created a familiar atmosphere that is relevant to most students. Overall i thought this was a good story and would be an excellent read for a child that is experiencing bullying.

Having the one person to tell problems to and vice versa is a great way to realize that like Angus and Melissa, know matter what we look like or how perfect everyone thinks another person is, we are all different and all want to be socially excepted. As a joke by his peers, he has been chosen to be prom king.

I couldn’t even imagine how that feels.

Theme of the Short Story ‘A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune’

LibraryThing All topics Hot topics Book discussions. Feeling as if people complained about me, because being the youngest, my siblings did complain and I guess in the long run it affected me to think as if Angus was thinking. Because they have both been elected as the Senior Winter Ball King and Queen, Angus and Melissa will share a dance alone in front of their fellow classmates.

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