A Much Younger Man is a beautiful and moving novel about the love affair between a teenage boy and a woman in her mid-thirties. The emergence of an abiding love between a schoolteacher in her 30s and the year-old son of a longtime friend is the main event in this. A Much Younger Man by Dianne Highbridge – book cover, description, publication history.

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The Write Web Reviews: ‘A Much Younger Man’ by Dianne Highbridge – The Write Web

Jul 01, Pages Buy. It is daring, moving, and absolutely true to life. My favorite part of the book is when Aly, racked with guilt and unable to sleep, writes up a list of comparable scenarios from literature and popular culture: Open Preview See a Problem?

I don’t think I’d write home about this book, but it has some redeeming moments.

And there is always love. Then he wants more.

Innocence is replaced by the harshness of reality, and both Tom and Alyson – while appearing to be functioning normally – on the inside are dying a little bit every day as each moves on without the other. There was a problem adding your email address. I just can’t put my finger on it–it seemed so fragmented and incomplete. The moments they spend together become the most meaningful part of their lives.

I read it in two days. Lists with This Book. Un amore giovane, totale, vero e indissolubilmente tenace. He is solid, sure and a rock highbdidge Alyson’s fragility. A Much Younger Man is a beautifully written novel. There isn’t a whole lot of conversation.

The Write Web Reviews: ‘A Much Younger Man’ by Dianne Highbridge

The Aussies obviously have a different take on a relationship between an older teenager and a grown woman. Then Tom has a serious accident on his scooter, and in his weeks of convalescence his parents manage to make Aly feel guilty enough that she stops seeing him.


Very true-to-life, the novel handles such delicate subject matter in a sensitive and unique way. The Hotel New Hampshire. The author does not write this with flowery words but the way she writes is almost poetry- like a dance. The story revolves around a relationship between a 35 year old teacher and her blossoming love relationship with her friend’s 16 year old son.

A scholarship to the University of Tokyo took her to Japan. Stay in Touch Sign up. Contemporary Romance Literary Fiction. How can she resist? Two other members – she was 31, divorced with 1 small daughter, he was 16 and a junior in high school – decided they were in love. Novels LOA Reading about Tom was like reading about a twenty five year old trapped in a fifteen year old body. Steamy Herb Ritz-like cover art! After this first accidental encounter, they meet again, and again.

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Gene rated it really liked it Jul 16, Anyone who would rate this book less than 4 stars, or would dislike it because the subject matter is taboo or the writing seems unrealistic has never experienced, secretly or publicly, love for anything that the world might view as taboo. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Cancel reply Enter your comment here The story revolves around a relationship between a 35 year old teacher and her blossoming love relationship with her friend’s 16 year old son. Refresh and try again. To read the full review and more see Penny Dreadful Books and Reviews. Jan 19, Robin rated it it was ok. He is the proverbial guy who, when handed lemons, makes lemonade.

A Much Younger Man by Dianne Highbridge

A Much Younger Man. During a stint in New York she married a Japanese industrial designer, and together they moved to Tokyo where she has been living for 17 years. She lived in So. Even Aly knows it.

Much Younger Man

One day she takes the train instead of driving home and is recognized by Tom, the son of her best friend.

Feb 23, Elisa Rolle added it. In much the same way, Dianne Highbridge’s language is deceptively simple yet evocative and haunting. Read it in one afternoon. I mean, seriously, how many love stories have you read where y I was kan intrigued by the number of favorable reviews this book has received, given the subject matter is highbridgee that perhaps the majority of readers would find, on the surface, distasteful.

My eyes and head hurt.

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