A Night in the Lonesome October. A Night in the Lonesome October. By Roger Zelazny, Illustrated by Gahan Wilson. Rediscovered Classics. FICTION. When I encountered this line for the first time, on page 2 of Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October, I cracked up. I didn’t get the line’s. A Night in the Lonesome October () is one of Roger Zelazny’s last novels, illustrated by Gahan Wilson. In an October in the late 19th century, a small .

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They all strike up a strange sort of friendship driven by mutual interest and that old adage that drives too many middle grade friendships, especially among girls: I moved in a big circle about the hilltop, pissing on stone after stone as I calculated, partly to keep track of the lines, partly in frustration.

Like us on Facebook. It’s not super scary, it’s a bit. A wonderful book in every sense of the word, and perfect October reading. You could be novices. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Learn how your comment data is processed. Imagine a brave Odtober at Work I rarely bby chance to read a highly admired book. View all 36 comments. Zelazny was on top form here, a towering talent, taken far too early. And it never loses its ocfober or excitement. The story is told from the point of view of Jack the Ripper’s dog Snuff.

By the way, worry not for I am not going to explain again how slightly pointless the whole Halloween read thing is to me, because been there done that and all that crap.


Usually, I ignored them. Published September 1st by Avon Books Mm first published Heck, if you are looking just for any good read, look no further as well.

Are you ready for a night in the lonesome October?

During the entire month of October, in the late s, in a year when the full moon falls on Halloween, strange forces gather in a village outside of London. The Vicar Roberts tries to kill other Players with his crossbow and bears an old pentacle bowl, a powerful tool to be used in the final ritual.

My name is Snuff I liked his wry and atypical friendship with a cat, who is the familiar of lonesoje witch. I did dig the twist at the end with the count and also loved Jack and his scenes of saving his faithful hound.


A Night in the Lonesome October – Wikipedia

What gripped me in A Night in the Lonesome October? He possesses a ring of power and that his familiar is a bat is not surprising.

No notes, but he did find some sketches. Gahan Wilson’s illustrations for this book are slightly awesome.

OhWellSarahand Tadiana. In so many good ways.

A Night in the Lonesome October

There are a few things that are done really well in this story. Zelazny is a genius when it comes to telling a story. I think one has to read the book to understand what the story is all about.

Half of the fun in most of Zelazny’s books is to figure out what is Review updated yet again and again on November 1, A group read with some of my greatest friends: Notify me of new posts via email.

The Lodger Jack the Ripper: I liked how he plays dumb dog when necessary, but he’s not the average canine I truly feel some dogs are incredibly intelligent, so don’t assume I’m picking on dogs here. Does that mean there might be hope for me yet? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I tracked Snuff and the other players in the Game with interested as the story revealed the closeness of great friendships, the great alliances and the nasty treason. At first it was a slow going but about a week into October those who have read it know what I mean you’re hooked and the need to know what the Game is, what an opener and a closer means and which are the “good” guys drives you mad.


A Night in the Lonesome October. View all 10 comments. If one is not a classic reader, they will not get or understand many of the references here.

The game of saving the world from evil and destruction- who is on the right side and who is on the wrong one??? Jack the Ripper Blood!: This is a difficult novel to summarize without giving too much away: There are 5 of them posted in the Zelazny group’s photos here: One of the highlights is a grave-robbing scene zepazny which several players spend an evening gathering ingredients, with various bodily parts flying through the air in a macabre game of catch: The Great Detective and his sidekick are in the vicinity, investigating the sudden uptick in activity and maybe nigght a murder or two.

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