A Robust Software Barcode Reader Using the Hough Transform . In this paper we present a method based on the Hough transform which. Published in: · Proceeding. ICIIS ’99 Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Intelligence and Systems. Page March 31 – April A Robust Software Barcode Reader Using the Hough Transform (Englisch). Muniz, R. / Junco, L. / Otero, A. / Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

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Note that we need to make the dependency on j explicit in our notation from now on.

Reading 1-D Barcodes with Mobile Phones Using Deformable Templates

If necessary, other Transform at ion transformations such as scaling are applied to the image. In the Hough plane, each point in the original plane is represented by a line.

We propose a new approach to barcode decoding that bypasses binarization. This is achieved by scanning through multiple lines of the barcode image. The result is shown on the screen of the phone above the captured picture, in this case The minimum cost zoftware can then be found via dynamic programming. These crop-outs are the output of the localization algorithm described in Sec.

Surprisingly, even state-of-the-art barcode reading algorithms fail when some of these factors come into play. System reaches the frame rate of 4 fps only at the peak level, but will be staying in the range 15 to 30 fps most of the time.

A toolkit for bar-code recognition and resolving on camera phones—jump starting the internet of things. The lateral guard bars are sided by a space of width equal to at least 9 times the base width quiet zonealthough this requirement is sometimes violated in real-world instances. The quiet zone, along with the large size of the block filter, ensures that the vertical sides of this rectangle fall outside the area of the barcode by at least a few pixels.


Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Original Image Figure 9: Barcodes are used in wide variety of areas such as for industrial identification, for publications, for pharmaceutical products and for postal codes.

Indeed, a number of cellphone apps have appeared that provide access via barcode reading to the full characteristics of and user reviews for a product found at a store. As mentioned in the real-time implementation, this does NOT suggest that the frame rate is constant at 4 fps.

An example of barcode localization with our algorithm. The smoothed map I s n with its hoguh marked by a black square. Each one of the four bars in a symbol defines a set of parallel lines in the space dodw ; for example, when the values of dodw in plot b cross one of the red lines, the right boundary of the first bar crosses a readr and, therefore, robut likelihood changes.

We then compute the total likelihood p k I by averaging p k I ow over such density: After locating the peaks and valleys, the minimum bar width can be determined 10 from the distances between consecutive peaks and valleys. Barcode Transformation Barcode Decoding The decoding method mainly consist of two parts; generation of the barcode waveform from the sequence and deciphering the barcode value from the waveform.

One important contribution of this work is to derive an algorithm to compute this integral exactly and in affordable computing time.

Reading 1-D Barcodes with Mobile Phones Using Deformable Templates

Barcode reading has been studied and optimized for decades and it now represents a well established industrial standard. Even though the SmartCamBCR cannot read deformed barcodes, it could read partially damaged barcodes with high robustness.

This operation is facilitated by the fact that a barcode is bordered to the side by a quiet white area whose size is prescribed by the standard.

In order to provide a visual intuition of the intensity profile of the scanline under consideration, the latter was repeated vertically bbarcode form a graylevel image.


Since a web cam is a relatively inexpensive device, and most of the business applications already use computers, the cost of this barcode reader would be very much less than that of available barcode readers. A model is therefore an archetypal representation of one symbol of a standardized scanline, plus one bar from each softward of the nearby symbols.

As a consequence of thresholding, ussing map I s n may contain more than one blob. The effect of the ripples was insignificant in our implementation.

Initially the system operates on light search state, searching for a barcode. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

We then define a likelihood function to measure how well a deformed shifted and scaled template explains the observed intensity. Therefore, in order to localize the endpoints o L and o R of the barcode, we first determine the intersections i L and i R of the scanline l n with the rectangle and then, the rectangle being larger than the actual barcode, we proceed inwards from each end see Fig. Support Center Support Center. Implemented on a Nokia N95, the complete reading algorithm is executed in less than 0.

Most of these barcode readers use a laser beam to scan the barcode and give the resulting value. To eliminate the zero-crossings due to the noise, a window has been selected from softwrae sides of the zero barcpde as shown in figure 5. Camera cellphones have become ubiquitous, thus opening a plethora of opportunities for mobile vision applications.

First, based on the previously detected endpoints of the scanline, we compute the spatial location of each digit segment in the barcode.

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