Editorial Reviews. Review. To most eyes Leah Carrollton might appear the dutiful A Scandalous Marriage – Kindle edition by Cathy Maxwell. Then a scandalous affair ended in abandonment, and she left London rather than But can a marriage made in scandal become a happily-ever-after affair?. Author Cathy Maxwell is to be commended for the chances she takes in A Scandalous Marriage, but her execution is flawed for a variety of.

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And do you love him?

I can only hope the next one is as good or maybe better. Other books in the series.

A Scandalous Marriage

Kevin passed away almost twenty-five years to date he asked me marrriage marry him. Even after knowing their love for each other, how they were actually ready to face the world was the most remarkable of all. A very very simple love story.

A very short story not a novel. I would dress for a costume party as: Hmmmm, my oh my, what an unexpected coincidence! Leah, the former debutante, is now heavily pregnant and apparently destitute having spurned Devon months earlier. In the golden firelight, his expression appeared grim. Xcandalous book opens when Devon as headed to his grandfather’s death bed and his horse threw a shoe.


The sandalous met at a ball and instantly felt a connection. I loaded this to my Kindle because I was out of books to read. It wasn’t a pulizter prize winner acthy I couldn’t put it down! Our hero and heroine are separated by bad family blood and consequently our heroine finds herself at the mercy of the men of the Ton.

Leah Carrollton had dreams of meeting—and marrying—the perfect man. Leah falls in an attempt to run from Devon and goes into labor. Buy on Amazon amazon.

And, while the story picks up after the marriage, the narrative at times moves too quickly through important events. Catny story is interesting enough to keep me up until late at night.

A Scandalous Marriage

O to be perpetually pleasant! However, Devon has never met a woman he couldn’t seduce, and a bet–with a bit of bravado mixed in–leads him straight to Leah and a scandal that turns the ton upside down.

This glossed over section really marred my enjoyment of the book. Characterization also becomes a problem in this book; I never connected with the heroine, possibly because her motivation is at times unclear. You don’t really lose anything from not reading them in order, but I know people who do get upset if they read them out of order. Not as good as the first. But because of the structure of the book, I never understood why she made the choices that led to both scandal and pregnancy.


A Scandalous Marriage by Cathy Maxwell – Read Print

The man was a shiftless gambler, just like all the other members of the family. Sep 21, Mai Der rated it it was amazing.

Both were surprised to learn their families despised each other. It was a great marriage. Promote education across the globe. Although not uninteresting, especially during the harrowing descriptions of childbirth, the author did not achieve as much intimacy between the reader and the characters as I would have liked.

With a fast-moving story line, strong plot twists, and a good dose of drama, Cathy Maxwell brings a fresh take to the regency genre.

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