AE[edit]. 5 Speed Automatic Transmission. I6 and V8 versions similar. However V8 versions have slight internal upgrades to handle. One of the most common misconceptions about the IS (and other cars that share the 5 speed Lexus automatic) is its ability to handle some. AE AT (RMU). TERMS. ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL. Abbreviations. Meaning. A/T. Automatic Transmission. ATF. Automatic Transmission.

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There are a few theories on how to make automatic transmissions last.

It is instead controlled by throttle position and also by a governor. That was attempt 2.

Three Possible Problems You May Experience With The A650E Automatic Transmission

This reduces power just slightly low timing keeps the turbo spooled though until the lower RPM after the shift point is realized and the timing is obviously much higher there. The sensors then sent the information to the electronic control unit, which in turn operated the clutch, shift points and torque converter lock-up. A warped valve body could be preventing the valve from moving. Even with the above listed modifications, getting the trans to shift too quickly will not be good.

Lexus IS Review Pressroom: This is the twin turbo only heavy duty version with some internal mods. The five-speed was somewhat overshadowed by the more popular six-speed automatics and often sparked complaints from Lexus buyers, who could only order their cars with the AE and not a five-speed manual. Toyoglide two speed automatic, largely based on GM’s Powerglide.

It was first used in and remained in production through the model year. The detachable bell housing, which attaches the main transmission case to the engine, has an engine-specific bolt pattern, which appears on its upper surface as cast-in letters.


Over time and wear, this plastic gear’s teeth shred and eventually cease to be able to control gears. Your email address will not be published. Four speed automatic with lockup torque converter, electronic controls and viscous coupling center differential.

Anything metal that fits inside the accumulator will work. Gear Ratios The AE five-speed automatic had a 3. Articles lacking sources from August All articles lacking sources. They will also address common issues with the transmission that the factory should have fixed in the first place.

Rob Wagner is a journalist with over 35 years experience reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines. Things like this are what causes the infamous sprag gears to roll over.

The A45DE, like the Transmissiion, provided conventional automatic mode or a manual mode to determine shift points. Believe it or not, this problem may be caused by the stop light switch circuit. Make sure the valve moves freely with little effort. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Mechanically similar to the A43D. The Toyota AE five-speed automatic transmission matched engines in a wide range of Lexus luxury cars from to Final drive ratio is 2. Mechanical throttle control input for kick-down function.

History of the AE Transmission | It Still Runs

For other uses, see AXX. Everyones mileage will vary, no doubt, and part of its longevity rests with you, the driver, but this will be the best thing you can do without spending a ton of money. This transmission is electronically controlled by an electronic shift control module. It was also available in the entry-level IS and the high-end, full-size to LS and LS The transmission matched a horsepower, 3-liter in-line six-cylinder engine wielding foot-pounds of a65e0.


The reverse gear ratio was 3.

For example, when the transmission upshifted to third gear with the throttle at 50 percent, the speed was 37 mph in “Normal” mode and 47 mph in the “Power” mode. It wasn’t until that Lexus offered the choice of a five-speed automatic or a five-speed manual; however, the IS SportCross wagon only received the AE. The next item to check is the front pump and torque converter. Stock rev limiter is around and the transmission starts its shift around Same gear ratios as the AA80E but a shorter 3.

Three Possible Problems You May Experience With The AE Automatic Transmission

I have not modified the valve body in any way and the transmissions guts have never been removed. Retrieved from ” https: Connects to external oil cooler. One more quick mod related to this is to simply turn line pressure up. An instantaneous hit of power is much harder on the sprag than applying the power smoothly.

However V8 versions have aa650e internal upgrades to handle the increased torque LS? Unfortunately, I do not have measurements, as I simply did not take them when I was performing this mod 3 years ago. Previous Post Making the Ae transmission survive on the cheap.

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