Shari’a Standards. shariaa. The volume of Shari’ah Standards has become the. Impairment, Credit Losses and Onerous Commitments. Impairment, Credit. Sharia’a Standards. Fullscreen Mode. Thumbnails Document Outline.

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AAOIFI – Accounting Standards and IFRS –

Legal Reforms In Pakistan: Issues in Pakistan Supreme Court Response. See our Cookie Policy. Hire-Purchase Leasing in Islamic Finance.

Basic mistakes in Murabahah Financing.

Salam and Istisna — Background. Central Waqf Act, India.

Impairment, Credit Losses and Onerous Commitments

Islamic banks — Current Practices. The Origins of Waqf. The Commencement of Lease. The Problem with Interest. Main Conclusions Nature of Riba. These standards are included in this latest publication of Accounting, Auditing and Governance Standards. Istisna as a mode of finance.


Gearing in Investment Funds. Simple and Compound Interest. Provident Fund Balances of the Employees.

Bank as Business Partner. Poverty and Economic Inequality: Poverty in an International Context.

AAOIFI Standards –

Distinguishing Characteristics of an Islamic Economy. Minimising the Budget Deficit: Where Shall Capitalism Lead.

The Role of the Human Being. Sources of Islamic Finance. Sale of Alcholic Drinks. Some Misconceptions of Islamic Banking. Valid Sale in Islamic Finance.

Bangladesh Achievements, Impacts and Prospects: International Transactions at Government Level. Riba-Free Alternatives in Commercial Banking.

Shari’a Standards

Cash Waqfs in Central Asia. Cash Waqfs in Egypt. Although AAOIFI standards are not binding on members, over the last few years the organisation has made significant progress in encouraging the widespread adoption of the standards. Factors Affecting Poverty in Pakistan. Riba Al Fadl – Explained.

Discussion on the Foundations of Taxation Policy. Rights of the Seller. Fiscal Policy in an Islamic Economy. Rebate on Earlier Payment. Capitalist vs Islamic Economic System. Integrating Money in Capital Theory. Going Back to the Basics with Islamic Finance. Hence, the unique requirements of Islamic financial institutions were not being met. Special Account For The Ldmcs. Definition and classification of Musharakah.

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