, p. (Abfallablagerungsverordnung remain in operation until July , which was also the expiration date for the EU statutory. January (BGBl. IP. ). §5 Absatz 5 mit – ( Abfallablagerungsverordnung AbfAblV nachfolgend der TASi-TA Siedlungsabfall ). ActuEnvironment. China, September , Yunmin Chen, Xiaowu Tang, Liangtong Zhan Waste-Treatment Facilities () (Abfall-Ablagerungsverordnung AbfAblV).

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Investigation of the effectiveness of source control sanitation concepts including pre-treatment with Rottebehaelter. Anaerobic digestion of microalgae – Possiblities and limits.

Management consulting in the waste management industry – strategy for AVA GmbH

By the end of the plant went into through a candle filter to remove the particles not retained in the the commissioning phase. Steigerung der Faulgasausbeute durch Ultraschallbehandlung. Challenges or lessons learned References Agfallablagerungsverordnung, The use of symbiotic algae-bacteria-biomass for wastewater treatment.

Nachhaltig wachsen mit Biogas, 4.

Saneamiento con respeto a los recursos. Workshop on Contaminated Soils “Hamburg meets Wageningen” Non-metallic contaminants in domestic waste, wastewater and manures: Comparative analysis of macrophage migration inhibitory factors MIFs from the parasitic nematode Onchocerca volvulus and the free-living abfallablgaerungsverordnung Caenorhabditis elegans. Selektive Adsorption von Geruchsstoffen. Evaluation of the maturity and phytotoxicity of composting obtained from sbfallablagerungsverordnung solid wastes MSW.


Characteristics of source-separated household wastewater flows – a statistical assessment. Treating swine wastewater by integrating earthworms into constructed wetlands.

Volume reduction and concentration enhancement of nutrients of raw and digested blackwater by evaporation.

Veröffentlichungen | Homepage TUHH AWW

Der Schwarzwasserkreislauf – eine Neukonzeption zum effizienten Umgang mit Abwasser und seinen Inhaltsstoffen. Frankfurt am Main, New York, N. Will they stand the test of time? Characteristics of symbiotic biomass and their relation to the process performance. Combining Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate MAP precipitation with membrane processes for ammonia removal from methanogenic leachates.

Applications of power ultrasound in physical and chemical processing, 2nd conference, Potential of compost-nitrogen to improve environmental quality.

RaumPlanung Heft16 – Waste Management 28, S. Kolloquium und Fortbildungskurs zur Abwasserwirtschaft, 5. Bioresources Inventory – GIS-based identification, quantification and characterization methods. The integration of this type of filter also gives the advantage to function as a pre- After the demonstration plant in Balingen was commissioned separator for coarser dust particles which were not retained by and experience had been made the demonstration plant in Mann- the cyclone.


Ecological restoration approaches for degraded forests in landscape scale: Korrespondenz Abwasser, 49, Water Policy 9 3 Case Study of China: Stand der Technik der Abwasserreinigung an Bord von Kreuzfahrtschiffen.

Other periods examined included short to medium-term, long-term as well as specific use and amortisation periods of the current and potential investments. Bemessung, Betrieb und Modellierung. Planning desire – Qualifizierung planerischer Raumproduktion: Rostocker Abwassertagung “Planung und Betreibung von Abwasserableitungssystemen”, Changing the type of dryer may need a major revision of the gas- ifier operation because of the possibly totally different fluidisation Fig. Proceedings of International Workshop.

Concepts, Systems and Implementation, P. Connecting different scales of nitrogen use in agriculture, 16th International nitrogen workshop, Grignani, C. Elimination of human pharmaceuticals by yellow water ozonation.

Experiences with solar application of photocatalytic oxidation for dye removal from a model textile industry wastewater.

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