Name: Abner Ravenwood’s Journal. Movie: Indiana Jones and the raiders of the Lost Ark. Author: Marsella Pasquale (Sarednab). Description: Abner. Abner ravenwood s journal appears in the movie indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark. This is the perfect journal in which to keep your travel memories. Inside the package was a journal of Abner Ravenwood, the fictional University of Chicago professor who trained Indiana Jones. But who sent it.

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Abner ravenwood indiana jones wiki fandom powered by wikia. When our student mail worker snapped out of his finals-tired haze and realized who Dr. Creating a character journal is much like keeping one of your own. Abner ravenwood s journal appears in the movie indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark.

Indiana jones ravenwood diary replica this is an instructable to make a replica notebook of the one seen in indiana jones.

From the charming isle journzl crete with its legendary labyrinth, to the challenge of the snowcovered himalayas, indiana jones and marion face fantastic ravenwwood and seek fabled lands in search of abner ravenwood. One museum letter from the, egyptian department of antiquities one egyptian railway ticket. We sort-of shrugged it aner and put it in our bin of mail for student workers to sort and anner to the right faculty member— we get the wrong mail a lot.

Contact About Register Make a Gift. Inside the package was a journal of abner ravenwood, the fictional uchicago professor who trained indiana jones. It tells the story, the adventures, the discoveries and the dangers faced by abner during his path to discover the lost ark, which contains the ten commandments used by moses.


This is the perfect journal in which to keep your travel memories, work notes or to make your own abner ravenwood. The abner ravenwood journal is the most fun i have ever had working on a collaborative prop project. A few rows back, across the aisle, a trenchcoated european spy eyes indy.

Abner Ravenwood’s Journal – $ – Sarednab’s World Prop, Indiana Jones prop replicas and more!

Green devil face 3d printed 2 years ago discourse and dragons. This is a not for profit site with no commercial ties or even advertisements. He was indianas mentor at the university of chicago, but raenwood two split in when indiana had an affair with the teenage marion. Abd indy knew he would have to join the search for abner ravenwood.

Abner Ravenwood’s Journal

Fans of raiders will remember that abner ravenwoods journal was what indy used to find the ark of the covenant. Any hints, ideas, thoughts, or explanations are appreciated. He was indianas mentor ravendood the university of chicago, but the two split in when indiana had. Fertility idol headpiece ark of the covenant sanskrit cloth sankara stones cross of coronado grail diary holy grail crystal skull.

He was a mentor of indiana jones, whom he taught at the university, the father of marion ravenwood, and posthumously. Little did we know what we were looking at.

The character first appeared in the film raiders of the lost ark, to be followed by indiana jones and the temple of doom inindiana jones and the last crusade inthe. Anyone make complete indiana jones replica abner ravenwood journal.

Special Exhibits

Ravenwood ark journal by wayne miller amended by bryan babich. This journal about the same size as the grail diary is entire handstiched and bound, like an authentic vintage journal. If you are an Indiana Jones enthusiast and have any idea who may have sent this to us or who made it, let us know that, too.


Ravenwood was a professor at the university of chicago and one of indiana jones. Raiders of the Lost Journal: The university of chicago wants to know who sent this. Fans of raiders will remember that abner ravenwood s journal was what indy used to find ravenwooc ark of the covenant. This mini-exhibit also explores the possible connections between the characters of Indiana Jones and Ravenwood and two pioneering scholars of the Oriental Institute: Abner ravenwood s journal click on image to enlarge abner s jounal, rubber band, pencil and 25 inserts as listed below.

The lost journal of indiana jones is a reference book released on may 1, to coincide with the theatrical release of indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull the book is written from an inuniverse perspective and presented as indiana jones journal most prominently seen in the young indiana jones chronicles covering the years from when he received the book from his father in.

Six days after joudnal arrival, the mystery was solved. Abner ravenwood was an egyptologist and archaeologist at joufnal university of chicago in the s. Indiana jones ravenwood diary replica instructables.

Raiders of the lost ark also known as indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark is a kournal action adventure film directed by steven spielberg, written by lawrence kasdan from a story by george lucas and philip kaufman.

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