All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. See the ACUSON Cypress System Operator’s Manual for a list of WARNINGS. Acuson Cypress system manual. Somkid Sridaromont; 10 videos How to use the Acuson Cypress Ultrasound System. by EchoVTorials. Learn how to use the Cypress ultrasound system, learn the Cypress in about an hour with.

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Continuous Wave Doppler Manal The System The default time-out and minimum value is 60 seconds. In Freeze mode, turn the Main knob to scroll through the frames or to select the playback speed. Acuson Cypress Service Manual September 10, NOTE Averaging can be activated or deactivated on a per-study basis using the patient information screen independent of the system wide selec- tion in the Setup Menu.

I would appreciate it. The Patient Menu Color Flow Tools ] to add text to an image in either Freeze or Active mode.

There are 7 curves. To print the patient’s demographic information, highlight a patient name on the Patient List.


Mabual remove a disk, press the button located next to the disk bay. Overview drawings of the system How to turn the power How to log on and off of the system How to connect transducers To insert a disk into the system, load the disk as shown in Figure 5.

Acuson Cypress Service Manual

Keep exams as brief as possible, consistent with diagnostic requirements. Mo Disk Drive Maintenance Default Vascular Exam Type — Specify the default exam type for vascular studies by selecting an exam type axuson the pull-down menu and clicking the Default radio button. Acuson Cypress Service Manual November 26, Page The selected angle is displayed on the screen.

Measurement Accuracies 16 meters per second, baseline fully shifted. The logon screen opens when the system is started: NOTE Once an averaged result is displayed in a patient report, the averag- ing function cannot be deactivated. This manuak angle correction on sector cardiac transducers. The selected angle is displayed on the screen.


Zoom To exit and return to a full screen display, press the knob. Worklist Server Select the Worklist Server to be queried. The maxi- mum spectral Doppler velocity range for 5. Click the radio button that corresponds to the corner of the screen where you want the menus located.


It includes the following information: CLOSE NOTE If a transfer is attempted to an unformatted MO disk, the transfer is paused and manuall user given the opportunity to format the disk, erasing its contents, prior to completing the transfer process.

Any unsaved loops are lost because loops are stored in temporary memory only. This limit is set in the Save Time Limit field on the System Setup menu or determined by the protocol.

The Network Identification Menu The options include: Turning The Cypress System Off Page Stress Echo Connecting and Using to display electrocardiogram waveforms.

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