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X10 switches for installation on a DIN rail. Ideal for use in homes, groups of lights, appliances, garden pond pumps, or in offices for functions such as “all devices. by X controller is now possible. – Finally, set the rotary code switches on the front side to the desired device address (e g B8) with a screwdriver and note this . Switch for installation on DIN rail. Switches load up to W. Can be controlled remotely with Marmitek X commands through the existing house wiring and.

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Is there a way to replace these with a X100 device that will allow a being controlled via the same momentary switches I now use as local inputs to the LD11s and b not require additional receiver Z-Wave devices to be attached to each light? Controls up to 16A resistive loads, 3A motors and W lamps.

I really need to understand the economics involved in this migration idea, because if I need to rewire, and not only replace the X10 modules but add extra devices for each light, appliance, etc.

The DIN Rail concept, a centralized control panel for commercial lighting and power distribution is somewhat in conflict with most X10 and Z-Wave approaches.

The AD10 may be d10 inside a DIN rail enclosure in the switchboard connects similar to a standard breaker fuse. By virtue of your installation criteria DIN Rail [ http: Login or Sign Up. The function to poll the status of this interface is not really reliable in detecting these issues 4 the X10 devices I have from Marmitek seem excessively sensitive to electrical supply surges Our focus is customer service and we back it up with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Connecting momentary spring-loaded switches lets you wire multiple switches in parallel, making it easy to implement 2-way or more switching. Not sure if i’ve seen anything that accepts a local control input either?


While I can see where you are going with your desire to migrate to a more reliable control system, I doubt it will pass the “economics” test. X10 Reliability Can I presume you have placed phase couplers or active repeaters between phases to increase the cross-phase X10 powerline signal strength? Do you have a whole-house filter to minimize power line noise on the incoming power line?

A cursory search of the EuroX Can the same be done for locally mounted SW10 shutter modules?

If I need to have one z-wave module on the switch acting as a transmitter and another on the light acting as a receiver, then it is at least twice as many modules, and the cost will be too high!

A “custom shop” at http: These technologies are geared more toward the non-commercial homeowner. About Envious Technology We are all about home technology and automation. X10 signal testers for VAC seem difficult to come by these days. So, being as how I am starting to become increasingly disappointed with the lack of status feedback, reliability issues and slowness of the X10 protocol, I am seriously considering a gradual migration to Z-Wave.

I do not have a whole house filter.

It could also be installed by your electrician in a suitable enclosure at a more convenient location. Other issues I have with X10 and that I know far too well are inherent to the protocol – guess I should have thought about this earlier Is no one in a similar predicament?

I know there are z-wave switches, but that would mean removing all the designer switches I have now and replace them. Can the same be done for the AD10 appliance devices? Customer comment “As a disabled person, since installing your equipment life has become much easier, and more importantly, much safer. A mere casual observer but i’ve never seen anything DIN mount and the whole of the EU does not get a great selection of ZWave modules in the scheme of things the demand is proably too low for it to be economical for the manufacturers to make all the required changes anyway.


There’s more to like Like us on Facebook for news, tips and offers. Also be aware that Z-Wave devices operate on different frequencies throughout the world and are not likely to be interchangeable with other areas.

X10 DIN-Rail Relay Module

I am not necessarily stuck with the DIN mount, as a matter of fact I am sure I can easily remove the LD11 modules from the DIN rack and join the cables there, effectively closing the circuit between the light and the switch.

And BobT for going to the trouble of looking over those websites for me, I will look into them: So, some questions if already answered elsewhere, a pointer would be greatly appreciated I have most lights controlled via DIN rail mounted LD11 units.

The AD10 features wd10 manual control input for connection to a continuous or momentary switch mechanism. I am located in Spain, so any info related to VAC devices would be best, but to begin with, any info really will do!

We are all about home technology and automation. November 12th, I have trouble with some locations that I have not been able to isolate by simply switching things off that may induce noise. As10 Blue HomeSeer Default.

X10 Inline Relay Module (DIN Mounted) (AD10) | Buy @

Thanks to both for your insight. With a large range of products sourced from all over the world, we can assist you in a wide variety of applications – from convenience and lifestyle, to energy-efficiency, security or just a bit of fun. I have been doing some reading but will confess to being a little lost.

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