For channel multiplexer with common output (sample/hold port) see ADC data sheet. (See AN (Literature Number SNOA) for more information.). Texas Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. 2All trademarks are the property of their respective. National Semiconductor ADC datasheet, ADC 8-Bit A/D Converter (1- page), ADC datasheet, ADC pdf, ADC datasheet pdf, ADC

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Step size is the change in analog input to cause a unit change in the output of ADC. Office Distributors for availability and specifications.

Y Contains output latches.

IC ADC0808

Y No missing codes. Note 10 Start conversion pulse duration greater than 3 clock periods will cause conversion errors. The input which is to be converted to digital form can be selected by using three address lines. Clock input; to provide external clock.

ADC Hoja de datos ( Datasheet PDF ) – ADC 8-Bit A/D Converter

Zero Error Temperature Coefficient. Note 5 Typicals are at 25 C and represent most likely parametric norm. SPI Module of Arduino. ADC is an 8 bit analog to digital converter with eight input analog channels, i.


ESD Susceptibility Note 4. Voltage datashwet Any Input. View PDF for Mobile. Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight. Lead Temperature Soldering 10 sec. Digital output bit 4. Package Input Current Note 2. Note 4 Human body model pF discharged through a 1 5 k X resistor. This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components.

If Military Aerospace specified devices are required.

ADC National Semiconductor Corporation, ADC Datasheet

Y g 5V 10V input ranges. V SS b 10V. Operating Ratings Note 1.

Skip to main content. The step size is decided based on set reference value. Power Dissipation Note 3. Choosing Battery for Robots. Note 9 Guaranteed by design only. Note 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings xdc0800 limits beyond which damage to the device may occur DC and AC electrical specifications do not apply when operating.

V SS b 22V. Note 8 Non-linearity specifications are based on best straight line. Start conversion; input pin; a low to high pulse is given.

PDF ADC0800 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

Interface SD Card with Arduino. Interface GPS with Arduino. Choosing Motor For Robots.


Absolute Maximum Ratings Note 1. Supply Voltage V DD. When the conversion is complete the EOC pins goes low to indicate the end of conversion and data ready to be picked up. The ADC needs some specific control signals for its operations like start conversion and bring data to output pins. Over Temperature Note 8. satasheet

Supply Voltage V GG. National Semiconductor Electronic Components Datasheet. Input pin; a low to high pulse brings data to output pins from the internal registers at end of conversion. End of conversion; output pin; goes adf0800 when the conversion is over. The default step size is Clock Pulse Duty Cycle. Arduino based GPS receiver. What is Web Browser. Input Current at Any Pin Note 2.

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