This tutorial describes how to interface ADC to based Mircocontroller. The article also provides a sample tested Technology is an online. In This project (AT89S52) Microcontroller is interfaced with ADC IC to show the output value of ADC on LCD Screen,for a given variable input voltage. Interfacing ADC with three LDR using microcontroller and LCD. The project includes circuit diagram and source code in C.

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How to interface ADC0808 with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) using clock from D-flip flop

Instead of continuous conversion, ADC converts data periodically, which is usually known as sampling rate. A clock of frequency KHz is generated using Timer0 in the interrupt mode. High — Low of the pulse. Skip to main content.

ADC Interfacing with Microcontroller (AT89C51) using D-flip flop clock

Analog signal has infinite no of values like a sine wave or our speech, ADC converts them into particular levels or states, which can be measured in numbers as a physical quantity. Started interfaacing on this website as an Hobby and now its a full time venture. Arduino based GPS receiver. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here What is a software to create that program?


SPI Module of Arduino. Its applications could be wiith and monitoring the light intensity level.

Interface SD Card with Arduino. The output pins of ADC are connected to the port P0 of the controller.

Interface LDR using ADC to – Just Execute It

So now whatever reading that you get from the ADC inteffacing be equal to the actual temperature. The ADC chips are either parallel or serial.

Controller interrupt is used to generate the clock for driving the ADC Telephone modem is one of the examples of ADC, which is used for internet, it converts analog data into digital data, so that computer can understand, because computer can only understand Digital data. This is an intermediate circuit, which finds lot of applications.

Virgin Galactic — Wth Space Flight. The major advantage, of using ADC is that, we noise can be efficiently eliminated from the original signal and digital signal can travel more efficiently than analog one. LCD Liquid Crystal Display screen is an electronic display module and find a wide range of applications.

Refer displaying a number on 16×2 LCD. As the conversion starts, EOC signal goes high.

Quote and Order boards in minutes on https: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The circuit is divided into three parts: If you have any queries, doubts or feedback on this tutorial please share in our discussion forum. You are commenting using your WordPress. EOC end of conversion, pin7 is an output pin and goes low when the conversion is complete and ready to be picked up, and OE output enable, pin9 is given a low to high pulse to bring the converted data from the internal register of ADC to the output pins.


Choosing Battery for Robots. Typically, an ADC is an electronic device that converts an input analog voltage or current to a digital number proportional to the magnitude of the voltage or current. The output of LDR. An ADC has n-bit resolution where n can be 8,10,12,16 etc.

ADC is the Analog to Digital converterwhich converts analog data into digital format; usually it is used to convert analog voltage into digital format. EOC, pin7 is connected to pin3 P1. This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components.

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