See also: adenosín trifosfato Compound of adenosina (“adenosine”) + trifosfato (“triphosphate”). Noun[edit]. adenosintrifosfato m (plural adenosintrifosfati). Adenosin trifosfato:ATP. Recuperacion de biologia y Tarea de informatica Jhoy Berrocal jm. by. Jhoy Fabian. on 4 August Transcript of ATP: ADENOSIN TRIFOSFATO. transportador universal de energía de todas las células vivas. Energía química. Aadenosin trifosfato moneda de.

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Adenosine triphosphate ATP is a nucleotide used in cells as a coenzyme. It is often called the “molecular unit of currency”: ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism.

Adenosina trifosfato – Wikipedia, entziklopedia askea.

Every cell uses ATP for energy. It consists of a base adenine and three phosphate groups. The ATP molecule is very versatile, meaning that it can be used for many things. Energy is stored in its chemical bonds. When ADP binds with another phosphate, energy is stored that can be used later.


In other words, when a bond is made, energy is stored. This is an endothermic reaction.

ATP: ADENOSIN TRIFOSFATO by fabian zambrano on Prezi

In other words, when a bond is broken energy is released. This is an exothermic reaction.

ATP is the main energy source for the majority of cellular functions. ATP also plays a critical role adenosjn the active transport of macromolecules across cell membranes, e.


In all known organisms, the deoxyribonucleotides that make up DNA are synthesized by the action of ribonucleotide reductase RNR trifosfago on their corresponding ribonucleotides. The energy driving this polymerization comes from cleaving off a pyrophosphate two phosphate groups.

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