English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. judicial police adli kolluk. (3) Genel kolluk: Emniyet asayiş ile kamu düzeninin korunmasını sağlayan, diğer . Jandarma Bölge Komutanlığına bağlı birliklerin mülki, adli, askeri ve mesleki. イャ」@ kolluk yönetmelik- lerine yerel gerekler ォッョオャュ。ウ@ gibi durumlarda, bu . Belediye ォッャオョ@ genel kolluk gibi adli görevi bulunmaz. 34 Belediye kolluk.

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Archived from the original on 22 December Retrieved 26 December Retrieved 8 January On 21 December, the ynrtmelii ordered the arrest of these 14 people. A second wave of arrests was planned, and a list was leaked to the press. Erdal Kalkan, a member of parliament in the constituency of Izmir from the ruling AKP, resigned from his party on 26 December because of the ongoing scandal.

Suicide not a big acli ] in Turkish. Retrieved 7 November At midnight on 7 January, a government decree was published removing police officers from their positions, including the chiefs of the units dealing with financial crimes, smuggling and organised crime.

Adli Kolluk Yönetmeliği’ne iptal davası – Son Dakika Haberler

General election, Local elections, Constitutional referendum, Local elections, Constitutional referendum, General election, Archived ynetme,ii the original on 27 December The corruption scandal in Turkey refers to a criminal investigation that involves several key people in the Turkish government.


Retrieved 5 October In Januarythe Obama administration decided to close this loophole but instead of immediately charging Halkbank, the U.

Various opposition sources accused the government of trying to influence the judiciary system and covering up the corruption. Retrieved 20 May The government is trying to evidence the top of the wrap operation blackout ].

17 Aralık yolsuzluk ve rüşvet operasyonunun gün gün gelişimi…

Erdogan has claimed the recordings were a montage but the experts begged to differ. Retrieved 18 December Archived from ynetmdlii original on 2 January Demir was investigated for ordering the ministry report to be shelved in exchange for bribes.

In return, the Turks received Iranian natural gas and oil.

Retrieved 26 January Al Qaeda suspects flee after Turkish gov’t blocks raid”. The Turkish Prime Minister told journalists that anyone attempting to enmesh him in the scandal would be “left ynefmelii handed.

Erdogan’s government dismissed or reassigned thousands of police officers and hundreds of judges and prosecutors – including those leading the investigation – and passed a law increasing government control of the judiciary.


In late December, Hurriyet and Yeni Safak papers published oolluk by Erdogan stating he believes he is the ultimate target of a corruption and bribery probe of his allies.

Retrieved 25 Sdli In total, 91 people were detained in the investigation; 26 of them were arrested by the court. Archived from the original on 7 January Both men were arrested. One of those ministers called on Erdogan to also step down.

The transaction was carried out through Turkish state-owned bank, Halkbank.

Zaman Newspaper in Turkish. They all resigned before the committee reached a verdict.

2013 corruption scandal in Turkey

Two of them were later arrested on bribery charges. The New York Times. Retrieved 19 December He said the government’s crackdown on the police organization and the judiciary system could not be explained with reason or the notions of law and justice.

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