If you’re curious as to how your organization could benefit from li-fi, we’ve rounded up a few of the technology’s most unique features. This page covers advantages and disadvantages of mentions LiFi This technology is based on visible light communication (VLC). • Operating range. ADVANTAGES Enhanced wireless infrastructures by providing an additional layer of small cells. The avoidance of the radio frequency.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Li-Fi technology?

Li-Fi has low implementation and maintenance costs. How does it work?

Learn more djsadvantages Electronic Products Magazine. High installation cost of the VLC systems. These LED light bulbs are just modified with a chip that regulates the frequency at which these bulbs work to be able to use them properly for data transfers. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Registration Forgot your password?

Li-Fi data is transmitted by the LED bulbs and received by photoreceptors in receiving device. Transmission technology William Kemp. A lot of free radio spectrum will be available as Li-Fi can be used to free some busy spectrums in a confined area. Hence there is no health concerns in LiFi based system.

Making Sense of the Following are the advantages of LiFi: Li-Fi technology uses household LED bulbs for the transfer of data. Light bulbs are present everywhere — in homes, offices, shops, malls and even planes, meaning that high-speed data transmission could be available everywhere. Written by Techopedia Staff. A Brief History of AI. Sunlight will interfere the signals, resulting in interrupted Internet.


This will avoid unwanted access of lifi signal by unauthorized persons. Wherever there is technopogy light source, there can be Internet. This could limit the locations and situations in which Li-Fi advantagges be used. It is used for lighting and data communication related applications such as signboards, traffic signals, street lights, internet etc. Disadvantages of Li-Fi technology include: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Harald Haas first presented this technology in public in his much talked about TED Global talk and he also helped start a company in order to market it.

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Advantages of LiFi | Disadvantages of LiFi

What to Expect in Since homes and offices already have LED bulbs for lighting purposes, the same source of light can be used to transmit techno,ogy.

Maturity Maturity is an advantage for Wi-Fi.

This limits access of internet whereever one requires. Data from the internet and local network devices like a NAS etc. This stable technology is well-established, with a mature and slowly evolving set of standards that are easy for manufacturers to adhere to. From defining complex tech jargon in our dictionary, to exploring the latest ttechnology in our articles or providing in-depth coverage of a topic in our tutorials, our goal is to help you better understand technology – and, we hope, make better decisions as a result.

Internet cannot be used without a light source. In addition, a wide array of compatible, predictable hardware and software products are available for designers to rely on. Since light cannot penetrate walls, it provides privacy and security that Wi-Fi cannot.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Li-Fi technology?

Keyboard connected to the computer, as well as a printer, mouse, monitor and so on. For example, solid walls stop light waves, so this can be interpreted as built-in security for Li-Fi, as restricted information will not be available to outsiders. Moreover lifi signal covers low region does not pass through the walls. Spectrum The spectrum available for Wi-Fi is limited to an area near 5 GHz, while Li-Fi information is transmitted on beams of light, whose range is an enormous chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum, clustered aroundGHz.


Li-Fi works on visible light technology.

Li-Fi vs. Wi-Fi: Which is better?

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Yet light waves will transmit through water, which will be useful for a wide range of industrial, military, and IoT purposes. Laptops, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices can interconnect directly using Li- Fi. This may not necessarily be a disadvantage because Li-Fi would be very useful in situations in which information needs to be disseminated locally for specific uses, perhaps to provide lecture attendees with notes, pictures, and digitized handouts, eliminating the need for troublesome and poorly visible blackboards.

This is in trchnology to established forms of wireless communication such as Wi-Fi which use traditional radio frequency RF signals to transmit data. The possibilities are numerous and can be explored further.

Following are the disadvantages of LiFi: The technology uses LED lamps on source side and photo detector based LiFi dongles on destination side. Add Comment Text Only character limit.

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