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Sep 1, Supersedes AFI , 20 December Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction sets procedures and standards on implementing. Start studying AFI chs. 1, 3 & 7. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Oct 31, AFI , Classifying Military Personnel (Officer and Enlisted), contains .. Qualify for aviation service according to AFI , Aviation and.

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The eleven ratings were reduced to four: To qualify for command of a unit, an officer was required by law to be rated. The seven categories of aeronautical ratings, as authorized by Title 10, U. This table defines requirements for all seven 111-402 of ratings. Although in much smaller numbers, enlisted personnel were historically eligible to be rated until Aerial Mail Service also had four aviation ratings. This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors.

U.S. Air Force aeronautical rating

The division of ratings into multiple skill levels and categories began in and expanded during World War I. The rating was discontinued inhowever, and flight surgeons as a military profession were neglected by the headquarters of the successive Army air arms until late in In addition to being a rated pilot and a rated flight surgeon, a pilot-physician must have completed at least three years of operational flying and one year as an operational flight surgeon, with a provision for assigning applicants without flight surgeon operational experience to a base where they would likely become a “first assignment pilot-physician”.

Similar ratings were created for the lighter-than-air branch of aviationtermed Ai Aeronaut. Nearly all 11402 cadets receiving the rating were commissioned as first lieutenantsSignal Officers Reserve Corps, awarded upon successful completion of the “Reserve Military Aviator” test, supervised by an Aviation Afl officer or agent.

In addition about 51 enlisted men have the rating of airplane pilot, junior airplane pilot, or airship pilot. A number of designs for the badge were considered before the War Department chose a design of an eagle holding Signal Corps flags in its talons, suspended from a bar avi with “Military Aviator”, and had the dies manufactured.


To establish formal standards of certification, the Army created the Military Aviator rating and published requirements on 20 April Sign In Don’t have an account? In the Army formalized the requirement, creating a new advanced rating of Military Airplane Pilotsetting 12 years as a rated pilot and 2, hours of flight time as the standard.

The following additional criteria are required to be rated as a USAF observer:. Between November and March pilot ratings were revised to the permanent three-tier system with adi standards that exists today, with a total of eight ratings overall. The purpose of pilot-physicians is to provide “integrated operational and aerospace medicine guidance” in the research, development, testing, and evaluation of Air Aci systems and missions to realize the greatest effectiveness and cost savings.

U.S. Air Force aeronautical rating | Military Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The practice resulted in the first pilot death only a month into training. Beginning inthe rating of navigator was retitled, replaced by the aeronautical rating of combat systems officer CSOwith afo same badge insignia as navigator.

By then the Army had in place xfi policy of awarding aviation-rated lieutenants and captains who flew “regularly and frequently” the rank, pay, and allowances of the next higher grade. InCongress established the Aviation Section, U. With minor variations in numbers and titles of ratings, the system remained largely unchanged untilwhen the current system of pilot ratings was introduced. Accessed December 11, In the Air Service also revised its pilot training program, adopting the “A Plan”, which divided pilot ratings between Junior Airplane Pilot completion of primary training, normally an enlisted rating and Airplane Pilot completion of advanced training.

Only those few rated officers not assigned in orders to the “Aviation Section, Signal Reserve for regular and frequent flights” were commissioned as second lieutenants. ObserverSenior Observerand Master Observerfor active duty officers and officers considered 1-402 assets” in the Air Reserve Components.


The new ratings, however, proved to be only a demobilization expedient and lasted less than nine months. United States Air Force. Inthe new Air Corps discarded the A Plan in favor of the B Plan, which awarded only a single rating, Airplane Pilot, requiring completion of all phases of a year-long, three-school Primary, Basic, and Advanced flying training course.

Kelly were killed together in the Philippines before theirs were delivered. Since the later s, highly-trained enlisted personnel, along with officers whose duties do not include flying, are recognized by the 111-402 of Air Force Occupational Badges.

Those remaining as enlisted men in the Regular Army held reserve officer commissions in the event of war. The USAF awards observer ratings at three levels: Junior Military Aviator badge, Government Printing Office, pp.

Retrieved 19 Oct Signal Corps soloed by the “short hop method” also known as “grass-cutting”in which student pilots, flying alone, learned to handle airplane controls on the ground, taxied in further practice until just short of takeoff speeds, and finally took off to a height of just ten feet, gradually working up to higher altitudes and turns.

DNIF may be temporary or permanent. After attaining status as a pilot-physician, all hours flown as a pilot, and months of operational flying duty credit accrued as a pilot, are “dual-credited” toward both advanced pilot and flight surgeon ratings as long as the officer is on aeronautical orders as an active pilot-physician.

ISBNp. Arnoldon 5 July The USAF awards navigator ratings at three levels: A group of 14 aviators still detailed to the Signal Corps was recommended on 29 September to receive the badge, and the two gold proofs were issued 16 Octoberto Captain Charles DeF.

Officers with the remaining two ratings re-qualified automatically.

The following additional criteria are required to be rated as a USAF pilot:

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