AG20PCF-L3N SPARK GAP V RADIAL Taiyo Yuden datasheet pdf data AG20P AG20 AG2 AG A G20PCF-L3N 20PCF-L3N 0PCF-L3N. AG20PF-L3N SPARK GAP V RADIAL Taiyo Yuden datasheet pdf AG20PF- AG20PF AG20P AG20P12 AG20P1 AG20P AG20 AG2 AG A. AG20PCF-H3D SPARK GAP V RADIAL Taiyo Yuden datasheet pdf data AG20P AG20 AG2 AG A G20PCF-H3D 20PCF-H3D 0PCF-H3D.

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I figured it was a clamping diode for static porpoises, and it makes sense as to what the symptom is if it shorted.

AG20 | Datasheets, Pricing, Availability, Leadtimes, Trending Graphs, Images- Partstat

The amp is fastened to the underside of the rear parcel shelf, inside the trunk, just as in the car yaiyo donated it. I’ll try to post a picture tomorrow of the radio internals.

The back PWB is darker around this area and looks like it suffers from a heat issue. Fri Oct 17 All participants agree to these terms. Removal brings the FM back as long as the engine is off. I know those internet parts-replacement sites are horrible; but Taiyo Yuden disavows any knowledge of an AG20 of course!

The two bands use that transmission line differently if it isn’t balanced.

Spark Gap Source or Replacement

When Taiiyo got a modern head unit for my wagon from Crutchfield they supplied an adapter wiring harness that allowed it to connect to the stock underdash amp – totally plug and play. Immediately, he was arrested and charged with At least you’ll convince yourself the problem is in the radio, if it is indeed. Failed shorted A fifty cent part. This led me to believe it was not the antenna, but rather something in the radio.


Also wasn’t aware there are no speaker drivers in the radio you refer to because I don’t know anything about it. I’ll post any findings back into this thread. But, on that same subject, what would you recommend as to specs for a replacement that WON’T bust?

Thu Dec 19 Thanks for the info! I mean, ag0 would seem that you’d want the clamp to be RIGHT after the antenna before any “splitter” arrangement. Initially the FM started failing in the winter months and would return when the interior warmed up. Of course that was a Volvo, not Figured if you could use a schematic, you’d have a place to work.

Test the reception using a foot or two of wire for an antenna.

AG20PCF-L3N SPARK GAP V RADIAL Taiyo Yuden datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from

Good question about how the shorted diode might affect both bands, and I admit no experience telling me otherwise; just something I read that resonated with experience.

Ones I’ve fixed in Volvos seem to be Mitsubishi.

Yogi said, “No, ma’am, it’s not even carbonated. Well, I really don’t have a bench with a taiy 12V power supply, etc on which to implement your suggestion.


After reading your message and also the archived posts taigo the radio problem, I am in agreement with you that the failure must be inside the radio or antenna connection at the radio. I keep hearing that you can’t “re-use” the Power Amp, if you change to a third-party say, “Kenwood” “head” unit; but I’m not buyin’ it.

Everything works great – it really woke up the Infinity 6×9’s in the rear deck, esp. But thanks for the info, anyway! Gently touching this thing would cause a complete lose of FM signal.

The spark plug pulses suppress the gain control circuits and the radio won’t work well on the road without this diode package.

Volvo RWD 900 Forum

I have a 95 which also has had frequent FM failings. From the schematic symbol silk screened on the circuit board it is a switching diode pair.

I read this in the FAQ: The official Volvo site can be found here. I found some info here about the pin functions of the amp’s DIN connector – also removed the amp’s case to have a look at the circuitry and confirm.

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