AILET Answer Key is generally required by the students who have written the AILET exam to check for their answers. The AILET Answer Key. Schools – AILET Analysis Reference of memory based questions asked in CLAT The CLAT paper came almost along the expected lines as. of the AILET (NLU Delhi) paper for the benefit of all our students. The reasoning based questions were mainly fromthe law of torts and.

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The Italian ambassador was asked by the honourable supreme court to not to leave India. Which American quesgion was formerly known as New Amsterdam?: A good attempt would be about questions, while an attempt of over 40 questions would be exceptional.

The space vehicle on which Chandrayan-I was launched. These four questions were easy and should have been attempted. The five year plan of year was which 5 year plan. The entire section qusetion dominated by Analytical Reasoning.

AILET 2013 Question Papers with Answer Key

Fibonacci Series Here every term, zilet with the third one, is the sum of the previous two terms. One question was on family law. Who was the first ruler of Saka dynasty? If the angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 3: Overall, the section was easy albeit a lengthy one.

AILET Question Papers with Answer Key | AglaSem Admission

Angle subtended in a semi-circle is 90 degrees. Total number of High Courts in India is: There were four questions based on word arrangement where the candidates had to find the word which could not be formed from the letters of the given word. The Indian ailey with the lowest sex ratio is Haryana. There was approximately an equal proportion of Reasoning and Knowledge based questions.


AILET Question Paper

International law was conspicuous by absence, while knowledge of IPR was tested on copyright, trademarks and licenses. Tap A can fill a tank in 10 hours and Tap B can fill it in 15 hours. An attempt of 22 — 24 questions can be considered good attempt paprr. The difficulty level of GK section was moderate to high.

Students found few of the questions to be tricky as there were facts given but no Legal Principles were provided. The questions were from areas such as Statement Assumption, Statement Conclusion, Strong and Weak Arguments, Assertion-Reason drawing conclusion from given statements one liner and three-four linersanalogy both vocab related as well as verbal auestion related.

English The section was on expected lines. Old Stone Age The questions based on reasoning were primarily from topics of Law of Torts including the concepts of vicarious liability, Strict Liability and Negligence, Law of Crimes including theft, abetment and criminal conspiracy, Constitutional Law.

A score of around 22 – 25 can be considered a good for this section.

A score of would be considered as good. The paper was divided into 5 sections. The couple of questions from History were a little tough. Environment Act in India was passed in: Light Year qjestion the unit of: An attempt of 12 – 13 questions is an ideal one.


Which state touches the boundry of Uttar Pradesh and Chhatisgarh? Each question had 4 options and the qhestion limit of the paper was minutes.

World Literacy Day is observed on: Potential energy PE is presented as Booklet of general science Que. Vis a Vis- face to face or in relation to 3.

The Head Quarters of European Union is located at: Henry Dunant His birthday was zilet 8th May Out of the thirty questions asked in this section, a major chunk of the questions were from Arrangement Based Problems. Constitution included one question on Fundamental Rights, and one on State. The passage was on the evolution of education and the questions were relatively easy as they could easily be answered by referring to the body of the passage.

AILET 2013 Question Paper

Rio De Janerio Nature of questions was a mix of facts and concepts. The overall difficulty level of the questions ranged from easy to moderate. Each question carried 1 mark and there was no negative marking for wrong answers. Borris Gelfand is from which country.

The centre of gravity of leaning tower of Pisa passes through: General Knowledge The difficulty level of this section was moderate to high.

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