Find great deals for AKG DSR Digital Wireless Receiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Buy AKG DSR Digital Tru-Diversity Receiver featuring Digital True-Diversity Receiver, MHz Ultra-Wide Frequency Range 40 Intermodulation-Free. The AKG DSR V2 Digital Wireless Stationary Receiver offers two channels and an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to MHz for reliable operation with great.

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A spectrum analyzer is capable of measuring, plotting and displaying a user defined bandwidth spanalong with many other parameters, in real time other than sweep time delay. One reaction has been 7000 slow move toward digital in the wireless world. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. The environment scan converts the DSR V2 into a spectrum analyzer.

The difference between the built in scanner and a true spectrum analyzer is akin to comparing an audio frequency counter, or a basic RTA, to a dual channel FFT analyzer. He got bought again, this time by Line 6, which put out a version of the digital handheld a couple of years ago.

Cost Interestingly, the cost of the DMS is attractive in comparison with other top wireless systems. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

On the microphone end, I was also pleased. One of the selling points is a very wide operating range — from the mid to the high MHz range. Thus, typically a high-pass filter is installed to cut the audio below say 40 or 50 Hz.

AKG Debuts Latest DMS700 V2 System, DMS700 Hardware & Software Upgrade At Infocomm 2011

Super heterodyne, Digital True Diversity. Onboard EQ, compression and limiting, easy to set 7700 and use. Be the first to review this item. This one was a church gig. What I noticed was that dar I switched to a singing voice, the low end tapered off and it became a little rough around 2KHz, although it was easily smoothed out with EQ.


The system has very wide MHz operating range, which makes finding an open channel very easy. Tru-Diversity reception features dual receivers vying for the highest possible audio signal, thereby reducing drop-out, RF and more.

AKG DSR V2 Digital Wireless Stationary Receiver H

The bit audio encryption offers high security for courtroom, boardroom and other confidential meeting environments. Your email address will not be published. I used it equally on singing and spoken word. The test piece had the C5 condenser capsule. The handheld and belt pack transmitters both carry a U. Digital transmission and encryption allow you to transmit sensitive audio with confidence, and AKGs bit audio resolution offers the highest security for applications in courtrooms, boardrooms and other confidential meeting applications.

To my surprise, both handheld esr pack are constructed out of metal. One last feature that is only available to fully digital wireless systems is data encryption.

The transmitters appear to be of standard size and shape from the outside, but also have some less commonly-seen features.

About four years ago, Xwire founder Guy Coker emerged from non-compete exile and started X2 Digital Wireless, which did the guitar thing again and moved quickly into a handheld mic product. DPT bodypack transmitter click to enlarge. Reviews 0 Write a review. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. I have one of these in the shop this dst for a trade show we are doing on the Bayfront in here San Diego. The system has an akv spectrum scanner that easily found “clean” channels in my area.

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AKG DSR 700 Digital Wireless Receiver

Then there are market-specific needs, such as theater where aig in the 20 to 50 mW range is desired due to the density of wireless channels in a small geographic area, such as the Broadway area of New York City. Overview Specs Quick Compare fzyrzyeqswtwywyrryebvryztwatv. Radio input for connection to remote antennas.


But a closer look showed that what I thought was the price 70 the system is the price of the receiver — which puts a whole different spin on things. Add the fact that few of the sound guys Akb know are RF experts. But I live and work in Las Vegas, which is also known as Wireless Hell, so I am not even going to think about trying to run of anyone’s wireless.

Have something to say about this PSW content? When you buy lesser RF, it is commonly made of plastic.

As a result, I thought it would be interesting to provide an in-depth look at a number of these recently introduced systems, beginning here with the AKG DMS digital wireless system, which was announced at NAMM in January of this year. Rsr can purchase the system with either the D5 dynamic, D7 dynamic or a C5 condenser capsules. As I alg open the box, I find a fairly sexy-looking 2-channel single rack space unit paired with a handheld and a bodypack. DHT handheld transmitter click to enlarge. This also of course reflects that these products are planned for sale in a variety of countries where different power levels are specified by law.

AKG DSR Digital Wireless Receiver | eBay

This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable. This is a huge plus in my eyes. The DSR features an ultra-wide bandwidth of up to MHz, and pre-programmed frequency groups of up to 40 dsrr channels. It’s probably for you…. If you have been paying any attention at all, you know that the entire wireless world has been turned on its butt in the past year or two. Digital wireless is not really new.

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