Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi. Tarunārunamani kiranāvalinihar, taruma ksharamana mahizhmālai. Terunādiyatiru vadiyār terumaral, teliyap paravudal. THIS IS MURUGANAR’S DETAILED and highly literary commentary on Aksharamanamalai, the verse poem that Sri Ramana Maharshi composed around. Arunachala Aksharamanamalai – Tamil – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Beyond speech indeed is Thy prowess resting in the self. Adorn me with thy grace and then regard me, Oh Arunachala!

Aksharamanamalai, Verses

Happiness lies in peaceful repose enjoyed when resting in the Self. Shine Thou as grace, the cure of all confusion, Oh Arunachala! Significance of OM unrivalled – unsurpassed! Throw Thy garland about my shoulders wearing Thyself this one strung by me, Arunachala! From my home Thou didst entice me, then stealing into my heart didst draw me gently into Thine, such is Thy grace, Oh Arunachala! Didst Thou not call me in? Thou dost root mnaa the ego of those who dwell on their spiritual identity with Thee, Oh Arunachala!

The eye of the eye art Thou, and without eyes Thou seest, Oh Arunachala!

Unite with me to destroy our seperate identities as Thou and me, and bless me with the state of ever vibrant joy, Oh Arunachala! Blessed be His devotees! Thou didst benumb my faculties with stupefying power, then rob me of my understanding and reveal the knowledge of Thy Self, Oh Arunachala! Motherlike, shouldst thou not complete Thy task, Amna Arunachala? Grant me Thy grace ere the poison of delusion grips me and, rising to my head, kills me, Oh Arunachala!


Arunachala Siva’s grace will operate on those who learn and chant even a single verse correctly. Save me from the cruel snares nalai fascinating women and honour me with union with Thyself, Oh Arunachala! Easy and effective way ,alai learn English for Tamil speakers. It is not even worth speaking about, Oh Arunachala! Do not abandon me, I pray,Oh Arunachala!

Let us embrace upon the bed of tender flowers, which is the mind, within the room of the body or the ultimate truthOh Arunachala! Say to me ‘Fear not!


Unless Thou do so who can intercede with Grace itself made manifest, Oh Arunachala? Was it for Thy pleasure or for my sake Thou didst win me? The moment Thou didst welcome me, didst enter into me and grant me Thy divine life, I lost my individuality, Oh Arunachala! What austerities left incomplete in previous births have won me Thy special favour, Oh Arunachala? Beyond speech indeed is this my State, Oh Arunachala! Aid me, Oh Arunachala! Qkshara me the essence of the Vedas, which shine in the Vedantasone without a second, Oh Arunachala!


I have come in. Thou hast possessed me, unexorcizable spirit! Let the sea of joy surge, speech and feeling cease, Oh Arunachala!

Show me the warfare of Thy grace in the open field where there is no coming and going, Oh Arunachala! Voice of Arunachala from Sri Ramanasramam. What didst thou gain then by my worthless self, Oh Arunachala? Is this then Thy all-kindness, Oh Arunachala? Do thou dispel illusion, Oh Arunachala! Though I beg, Thou art callous and dost not condescend. Treasure of benign and holy Grace found without seeking, steady my wandering mind, Oh Arunachala! Thou hast removed the blindness of ignorance with the unguent of Thy grace, and made me truly Thine, Oh Arunachala!

How is it that Thou hast become famous from Thy constant union with the poor and humble, Oh Arunachala? The time spent in learning this hymn is well worth it. Now measure out for me my maintenance is now Thy burden. Unasked Thou givest; this is thy imperishable fame.

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