Just found the site- love it. Question- how many tattoos do I need to do these exercises and will I need to shave my head? Kidding- but great. When people ask me about bodyweight strength training, I point them to Al Kavadlo. Pushing the Limits! is a must-have for bodyweight training. It was a book called Raising The Bar by Al Kavadlo. as Raising the Bar was I think Al has taken it to another level with Pushing the Limits!.

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I have had a bad shoulder, low back, and hyperextended both knees in college football thee was told I needed multiple surgeries and was always going to have pain A chin up is far more useful than a bicep curl and you can choose to focus on the muscle or focus on practical strength.

Pushing the Limits! | Dragon Door

On my field there are those that make it happen, those that watch it happen, and those that dash in afterwards and ask “Hey, what just happened?

By Al Kavadlo – February 6, 6: With the promise of a full refund if you’re unsatisfied, you pushin nothing to lose by trying Pushing the Limits!

I swear he is smiling in virtually every photo, no matter how difficult the movement! He is excited and so am I. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. You need this book! If kavadoo are wavering on getting this book, get it!

This is a great book. Thank you for your review. By Al Kavadlo – March 29, 2: By Mark Neumayer – March 29, 3: Makes me smile when I get on his youtube videos. Newcomers to body weight workouts will find this book a refreshing change from some other testosterone fueled publications. Also, considering how much free content I offer here on my blog and Youtube channel, I think puzhing cost of my limitz is very reasonable.


I live in Barbados and initialy I thought the book was expensive and shipping was ridiculous but after reading the book I am glad I got it. A beautiful combination of a workout philosophy to attain a physical strength that I always wanted explained in the most logical and sensible way that is applicable to novice trainers like me. BTW my aal is pretty near shaved, I like the stubble feel.

The amount of exercises as well as the progressions will give me enough to keep coming back to this book for years ao. The artwork is amazing as well!

Pushing the Limits!

A chin up is far more useful than a bicep curl and you can choose to focus on the A great book on bodyweight training. Only criticism was he was a little too light in terms of putting together a progressive routine. I’m a physical therapist in orthopedics with all the frame wear and tear of a lifter. You could contact their customer service dept if you want to make a suggestion: From a functional stand point Al, Danny, and Paul are spot on!

This book is strictly on the three calisthenic exercises. If you want to start training this way, this is a fun puwhing very informative book to get. Transmite entusiasmo y eso es bueno.

Al Kavadlo – Pushing The Limits! | Al Kavadlo

Return to Book Page. By Mick Schwartz – April 19, 7: I would like some posters from this book if available. By Hdizzle – February 21, 8: Jun 18, Justin rated it really liked it.


The book also goes over back bridges, headstands, handstands and other inversions. Provide your last name to accompany the review. By dhairya – May 6, 6: He has given some basic standards for progression, but the philosophy is perform an exercise, practice and refine it until it is no longer a challenge then progress to a more difficult variant. By Leo – April 11, Your City to accompany the review.

Raising the Bar paperback Book. This would be fantastic as a reference on your shelf or art for your coffee table. Mar 13, Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: By Al Kavadlo – February 21, 1: I learned how to do a few new things and improved the way I did some things that I was already doing.

Congrats on the new ink, Leo! The details, exercises and progressions are clear and easy to understand. Fantastic book, it is extremely well written and way a joy to read! I feel pressure on my head but I can do frog stand for 20 sec and working progressively on it. I really want to read this book, but 40 dollars for an ebook is too much. I would highly recommend this to people of all fitness levels. I had a lot of fun making Pushing The Limits!

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