Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a. Sacred Texts Islam. THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS. BY AL GHAZZALI. CLAUD FIELD, translator [b. , d. ]. []. Title Page · Contents · Editorial Note.

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Should women eschew reading this book? It was on her account ha;piness you rebelled against God, and debased yourselves to every sort of corruption. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

All genius, except for the way he described women. While shedding light and wisdom, The Alchemy Of Happiness is thoughtful, and tough in its understanding of what God wants from us. The commandment is also addressed to it, for it is capable of happiness or misery. Yusef rated it it was amazing Jun 26, After you have learned that the world is delusive, enchanting and treacherous, you need to know in what way its delusions and enchantment operate.

It is impossible to recover from Edition: Still, notwithstanding the heart belongs to the invisible world, so long as it is absorbed in the contemplation of the sensible world, it is shut out and restrained from contemplating the invisible and spiritual world. Now though the sick man is right when he says that there is no advantage to the physician from his abstinence, yet if he is not abstinent, he will perish. Those also, who say that the spirit is but an accident, are in error, for the spirit exists by itself in the body, and an accident is that which subsists with something else.

But what does this mean? Let us not regard, therefore, as impossible all those states ascribed to the prophets which we cannot understand: If a beggar meet him, he turns away, and dares not look him in the face.



Being, therefore, liable to decay, it is in continual danger of perishing from the external and internal enemies happijess perpetually assail it. I especially like his explanations on theology, and Tasawwuf.

Qlchemy ensnares the fish from the depths of the sea, and the bird from the end of heaven. Nor has it form or color, for if it had, it could be seen by the eye, and would enter into the sphere of fancy and imagination, and its beauty or ugliness, its greatness or littleness would be known.

Practical advice on developing the higher self to command the lower self to achieve internal happiness that is not dependent on happines outcomes.

Perhaps, as in the case of alchemy, it only exists now in name and form. Ijam or three notes are added, either explanatory of the text or illustrative of the author, from Oriental sources. The struggle towards how we can achieve a connection with The Divine. Love of this world and the next are quite hard, perhaps impossible to exist in parallel.

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The Alchemy of Happiness – Online Library of Liberty

If you look only to the strength of a man, what is more impotent than he is. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Next in order, that inclination and decision by means of the animal spirit is carried to the brain.

The seventh form of error, beloved, is that of the class whose mistakes arise from ignorance and carelessness, while they have never heard any thing of these doubts of which we have been speaking.

But despite of his limitations, to take his wisdom seriously and to See his analogies with the transmuted Eye of The Heart, is to be close to the happienss submission to and peace in, The Real. Know, thou seeker of divine mysteries! But we cannot grow in the knowledge of God, unless we understand the works of God. One should never be too far away from such powerful reminders of what a spiritual life should be.

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The tongue was formed like a spoon to throw the food into the throat.

They resemble, beloved, a person who having heard it said that alchemy was of more value than gold, because that whatsoever thing should be touched with the philosophers’ stone would turn to gold, should be proud of the idea and should be carried away with a passion for alchemy. And whenever she has succeeded in inducing a person to follow after her and to decide upon joining himself to her, she takes off her robes from her back and her veil from her head, imaj immediately her alche,y ugliness is brought to light, and the person who had been seeking her, becomes subject jappiness eternal regret and sorrow.

In short, man, until he descends to the grave, must always watch over his soul with attention, to discover in what degree it is obedient to the holy law and in harmony with knowledge.

Know, however, that there is an immense distance and wide interval between perceiving the beauty of the Lord, and understanding that which constitutes its soul, marrow and essence. This is called the invisible world, the world of intelligence, Edition: Listen now for a moment candidly.

As many of the female readers have noted, there is a chapter of marriage and women called “Marriage as a Help or Hindrance to the Religious Life” and in this chapter, Al-Ghazali makes it clear that the cultivation of a profound devotional life, where one observes the Law, follows the Path, and is thus happinss to come face-to-face with the Truth

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