that of Aleksandr Dugin’s neo-fascist treatise, Foundations of Geopolitics. 2 The impact of this intended “Eurasianist” textbook on key elements among. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Aleksandr Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics | One perceptive observer of the Russian political scene. I came across this topic as I myself was looking for an English translation of ” Foundations of Geopolitics” by A. Dugin to share with my.

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This is highly unlikely considering the submissive mindset of most Americans, but it should be considered.

Jonathan marked it as to-read Jun 08, Alekandr and slaves couldn’t vote. Hoover Institution senior fellow John B. Dan’s Obsessions marked it as to-read Dec 14, I don’t see why it should be off-topic, although I could be convinced to close it if it encourages recommendation requests.

LuckyDuck rated it really liked it Apr 22, Dugin credits General Nikolai Klokotov of the Academy of the General Staff as co-author and main inspiration, [7] though Klokotov denies this. In either case, do you know that democracy is one of the least stable form of governments? This book is apparently fairly influential in Russia: The New York Review of Books.

The far right in Germany and France have, coincidentally, cheered on Brexit and are angling for their own exit votes, Gerexit and Frexit, which unsurprisingly sound like a list of preservatives in Frosted Flakes. In SK, Park will likely be replaced with a far right candidate who will seek to fulfill the obligation dictated in SK’s constitution to unify Korea.


Add in intelligent mines, the inevitable German lightning counterattacks, probable air superiority the Russians would probably be staging from the Ukraine which would be in open revolt and the facilities would be substandardthe mobilisation of allies and US REFORGER and resupply. Unless you believe in conspiracies or dont know how to define democratic country, there was no war between democratic countries in the past years.

What I have not seen discussed is the potential for Putin to exploit the enormous Orthodox Christian populations that exist in these areas. The Return of Great Power Politics. Just to try and put some breaks on everyone’s thinking here, as I said up above, Dugin is pretty fringe and powerless. I told him that I felt like “Foundations of Geopolitics” was essentially Putin’s “playbook, and asked if he agreed.

Foundations of Geopolitics – Wikipedia

Margus Meigo marked it as to-read Nov 29, Ping – anything happened since November political? It has very little influence.

Russia would use that foundaitons racism and magnify it as much as they possibly could. The Geo-political Future of Russia.


Its the CIA stating this on record, in public, risking their entire reputation. Separate the UK from Europe? Note that the fact that the english is widely used dugkn the world could make translation to english more likely than translation from english.

The Foundations of Geopolitics: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I think it would be sensationalist to call Foundations Of Geopolitics a blueprint of current Russian strategy. Elke marked it as to-read Jan 03, While it seems like a fairy tale, I think a US Russian alliance is at least possible now. Wikileaks basically intentionally creating a conspiracy implicating Clinton But that’s not where the parallels end between the year-old book and current events.

  ISO 11452-5 PDF

The problem is like you said is that people refuse to see the connection as a tool. Won’t apply every time, but that the majority of people within a voting area what I mean is I’m dis including federative bias whether like the what happened with Trump or more direct in requiring a majority of states etc isn’t my issue can end up with less than a majority of people with a supremely unsatisfactory as opposed to merely being not as good as what one wanted is an issue.

The book stresses the “continental Russian-Islamic alliance” which lies “at the foundation of anti-Atlanticist strategy”.

Predicting Russia’s Next Move With A Super Old Book |

Whether or not Dugin is irrelevant is unimportant. So this may hold less of a threat. Did you mean that US did not promote democratic values? But it is still one of the best. Whether it is pharaon, teocracy, monarchy, military dictature, “russian way”, slavery, or caste system.

This is not a place to discuss conspiracy theories!

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