Ali Pashe Tepelena synonyms, Ali Pashe Tepelena pronunciation, Ali Pashe Tepelena translation, English dictionary definition of Ali Pashe Tepelena. n known. a Hty Gerald Jaupi History of the Ottoman Empire Ali Pasha: “ The lion Of Janina” “My, my, you love him a lot! What do you want, to canonize him. Ali Pasha Tepelena was born in at Tepelenë in southern Albania, and in his youth was a leader of brigands. Later he entered the service.

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Photo Harry Gouvas, Previously published: Dusty traces of the Muslim culture.

Ali Pashe Tepelena | Article about Ali Pashe Tepelena by The Free Dictionary

He strongly supported the Sufi orders, well spread in Rumelia at those time. He was too suspicious for them because of his good relations with powerful states, especially Britain. His effort to become an independent ruler finally caused the reaction of the Sublime Porte, which sent the army against him.

He was harsh, but just, generous but reasonable; he was controversial, and that is why respected and indefensible. Letters and JournalsVol. For Ali Pasha all people were equal, despite of their religion or ethnicity. Ali first appears in historical accounts as the leader of a band of brigands who became involved in many confrontations with Ottoman state officials in Albania and Epirus.


Greek sloop Karteria Greek brig Aris. He was immature and had no power to make his plan come true, and got defeated by the Gardhiqi and Hormova people who were expecting him to come.

pasne All this time, by murders and extortions, he increased his wealth and, by intriguing with Greeks and Albanians, extended his authority over beys and townships. His father, governor at Tepelene in S Albania, was murdered, and Ali went to live with the mountain brigands who infested the country.

His head was sent to Constantinople and publicly displayed. Retrieved 21 October Log In Sign Up. Indeed, he acted as an independent sovereign and was treated as such by the British and French, with whom he intrigued, hoping to establish Janina as a sea power. NorrisPopular Sufism in Eastern Europe: During war-time, Ali Pasha could assemble an army of 50, men in a matter of two to three days, and could double that number in two to three weeks.

His father was assassinated when he was nine or ten, and he was brought up by teeplena mother, Chamko or Hanko. Ali’s rebellion against the Sublime Porte increased the value of the Greek military element since their services were sought by the Porte as well.

Ali Pasha Tepelena (1740-1822)

Vladimir Putin, Russian intelligence officer and politician who served as president —, —…. To such an extent did the admiration with which Ali’s bravery inspired these men efface the memory of his crimes.

Taking advantage of the disintegration of the center of power of the Ottoman Empire, he occupied Ioannina northern Greece pasbethen extended his power to include a considerable portion of Albania and Greece with a population in of nearly 1. He was called the Arslan [lion] of Yannina. Ali tried to save himself by his old methods of murder, pashr, and extortion but, deserted by his sons and allies, was finally shot down.


His wife Vasiliqi, was brought to Constantinople.

Ali Pasha refused to resign his official post and put up a fierce resistance to the Sultan’s troop movements, as some 20, Turkish troops led by Hursid Pasha were fighting Ali Pasha’s small but formidable army. His name in the local languages were: Although Ali Pasha’s native language was Albanian he used Greek for all his courtly dealings [20] since the population of the region of Epirus now mainly in northwestern Greece which he controlled was predominantly Greek speaking.

Ali Pasha Ottoman Albanians in art. YanninaThe Lion of Janina. Later, talking about his mother, Ali Pasha would say: His head was cut off and brought to the sultan. Mondego is found guilty of “felony, treason, and dishonor”, abandoned by his wife and son, and later commits suicide.

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