Corrado Malanga. June, Preface We strongly suggest you to read, before this work, “Alieni o demoni” (Aliens or Demons, still not available in English. My name is Corrado Malanga, I am 63 years old and I work in organic chemistry. studies, in which I sought to resolve this problem, with ‘Alieni o Demoni’. Mr. Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in , and graduated Later on in the book “Alieni o Demoni” (Aliens or Demons), Corrado Malanga.

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The PM affirmed that the real crop circles are made by them, and we have been aware of this since The poor creature is in the hands of a master that created it genetically and takes advantage of it to perform his dirty work on our abductees. This seems to be inside the brain, on the right hemisphere; then on the left hemisphere to connect both of them to a third component.

You can see it and be aware of it only if you know that it exists. And so we must say that having rid ourselves of aliens, we must also avoid contact with the Prime Man, who started this whole farce.

This is an arrogance sin, because he wants to become like his god. The last of these kings was the hero who led seven others aboard the vessel in which they survived the Flood. This detail that emerges from this conversation is identical to something that emerged from the data we acquired from other liberated abductees. She says that Hebrew is the language of the forefathers. This was an unconscious and archetypal choice.

Do not be confused, you will follow our people when you are ready to activate the machine. God is in you written in Greek. Instead, according to the Zohar, everything was created when the Ancient Of Days, the Concealed One, the Unknowable One, without beginning and without end, decided to limit its own unlimitedness.

This will be our reference point, the outline to follow and to compare with our written description of the events, moment after moment. From this perspective, what has happened and is going to happen is summed up in the following paradigm. Furthermore, it was possible to discover the destiny of an individual or a race in any circumstance and at any time in the Memory of Nature.

This term is found in the Bible Old TestamentPsalm We need to understand that Consciousness is eternal. Aramaic is a very old language and carries malanba traditions. True creation was left up to Adam Kadmon and any being corresponding to him created by the Second Creator.


What he was not able to obtain using the Aliens directly, his own creatures, he wants to accomplish using men. We can do something, we only need the will power. That was our first approach, this communication is immediate.

Alieni o demoni. La battaglia per la vita eterna – Corrado Malanga – Google Books

Between them lies the sanctuary. Despite being Lady of Magic and Elements, she ss; she cried and despaired and was rightly overcome by the dramatic situation in which she found herself. We thought at first, when we had just started our research, that he was our good father and Creator; and instead he is a really shady character. Urim and Thummim corgado both worn on the head: This serves the Creator to understand what it means not being eternal.

Malaanga all the jewels on the breast piece, Urim and Thummim were depositories for determinate magnetic forces, related to the celestial Hierarchies of the cosmos, with corresponding centres and features in the human body.

Actually the abductees we worked with, after becoming aware of themselves, can now access all of the lives for all their containers, and not only when alienk are in an hypnotic state Adam Kadmon was corraeo tall as the sky and he could see everywhere in the world thanks to the celestial light created by God.

It is the dormant soul. In the end, what happened is that we demonni talk to this aliemi through some abductees. The tablet on the left is Boaz – the column of darkness. It survived the fall of Nineveh B. When in a hypnotic state, the copy is unable to remember anything about its existence and does not have any concept of the self. It is said that the Golem was created from the Sefer Yetzirah text, which dates back to the wisdom of Abraham and is known for its exegesis of the secrets of the Hebrew alphabetthe Sephirot in connection with the anatomy of the human body, the planets and months, days and signs of the zodiac.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. At this point corradl the conversation the abductee seems to interact with his interlocutor who corradi not know who is really chatting with him, so he says something about time and space, and he writes: The tablet will be at the end of the path, do not drown in self-doubt you absolute God.

Only a few stated that they incarnated in some kind of primitive great big monkey, while others saw a very tall and big being, we would have said some kind of a giant. The Urim and the Thummim were not used after the Exile, the light and the perfection of the leaders of the first Israel, such as Moses and Aaron, had departed.


Corrado Malanga -Alieni O Demoni – [ Alien Cicatrix]

malabga There are neither good nor evil aliens, just aliens. In this context Daat represents the invisible Sephiroth, that is the eleventh representation which is possible to write or represent only if you have knowledge of it.

The Gods do not exist, they are our manipulators. It has everything but one thing: According to that, some interactions seem to not exist, whereas some others seem to be real.

Since they are emanations of God, the Sephiroth are one and cannot be divided: They concentrate the corraxo and negative forces of the spirit; they connect the principles of Fire and Water; they are in harmony with the centres of the head and heart of the human body respectively. There is a very important Hispano-Arabic collection, written in Latin, which began to spread in the late XIII century and includes corraxo of astrology, magic spells and alchemical texts; it is known as the Picatrix.

Our people acclaim salvation, peace, the dynasty of David. We know that the legends malamga myths of the Jews were the first myths of the Egyptians and of the Babylonians before that, and even before that they were the myths of the Aryans of the Indus valley. But PM understands that his creatures are secretly rebelling against him, and so he takes refuge in a part of the Universe where the Aliens cannot enter.

Such being remained silent, or talked to the Soul component in an affective way. Such articles described the results achieved thanks to our research on the issues related to abductions and alien interferences on our planet, within the limits of the techniques we used to examine thoroughly such phenomena.

The protohistoric reconstruction of reality Having achieved this comprehension, we could observe again our reconstruction and better understand all of the above mentioned shifts.

However, the Arameans never formed a united state; they were united instead by the use of the Aramaic language which was originally written using the Phoenician alphabet.

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