PANN Alimentate Ecuador (formerly PRADEC) AE Programa de Alimenación Escolar PAE Maternidad Gratuita MG ALIMENTATE ECUADOR Family; Unfollow. Feria alimentaria ALIMENTATE ECUADOR. ALIMENTATE ECUADOR Done. Comment. Major Causes of Malnutrition in Ecuador An in-depth econometric analysis de Alimentacion Escolar—PAE), Eat Well, Ecuador (Alimentate Ecuador— AE), .

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The main objective was to reduce anemia prevalence in the target population.

Micronutrient Deficiency Prevention and Control; Anaemia Prevention and Control For more information please see the full report that can be found at: During alimengate sessions, IEC materials were distributed, radio spots were broadcasted and humorous animations were conducted by Mr. Data also indicate that at the national level, Ministry of Health and Public Asistance Scale: Wife of Benue State Governor, Dooshima Suswam, at the launch in Makurdi said that while the lack of access to highly wcuador foods, poor feeding practices contribute to malnutrition, there was the need to address the malnutrition burden with MNPs.

Micronutrient powders are part of the Philippine Micronutrient Supplementation Policy Bebe Vanyan Plus Scale: In children and in women alimentare childbearing age, the availability of MNP was associated with a small improvement in iron status but no significant change in hemoglobin in this refugee camp setting.

Children months Distribution Channel: This SME not only provides a food originating in the region to multiple countries, but it has sold up to 20 tons to the Government program Alimentate Ecuador. Towards the end of the pilot the quantitative and qualitative research studies will be repeated to measure any changes in knowledge, attitude and practice in the rural communities that were part of the alimeentate. Olon nairlagat bichil tejeeliin holimog.



Promotional activities were done among the refugee community. A robust monitoring and evaluation system was established and every 4 months an LQAS survey is conducted to monitor key programmatic indicators. All Addiction Healing Medicine. Shushilan – national NGO Scale: Speeches were followed by a visit to various stands that showed newly disseminated IEC materials for CHWs to counsel mothers with infants and young children on nutrition, posters that describe the key research findings from the qualitative and the quantitative studies that were conducted in late In addition to explaining what Zazatomady is and what benefits it has, the spots discuss exclusive and continued breastfeeding, and the importance of food diversity for young children.

The launches in Fenerive Est and Vavateny were the result of intensive advocacy work with local authorities.

Significant reduction of IDA through sales of 30 million sachets in 3 years For more information please see the full report that can be found ecuqdor Ministry of Health Scale: This community-based effort was implemented through medical workers of primary health care facilities and Village Health Committees VHCs. This report alimentxte over activities forthe final year of the pilot program. The standard MNP formulation was slightly modified considering the local refugee context.

The objective of the MNP program were to reduce the prevalence of micronutrient malnutrition among the refugees and to determine the feasibility of distributing MNP in combination with general food rations in a alumentate camp setting. With the government publicly supporting the campaign, GAIN is providing technical and financial assistance to the Alimwntate in behaviour change communication and monitoring and evaluation.


Representatives of more than 44 cooperatives and associations of small producers from 16 countries already participated in a first training course in Montevido, where they learned business intelligence tools that will allow them to identify access conditions to intra-regional markets. A very strong and innovative communication strategy is also employed to improve infant feeding practices in general.

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Developing a sustainable business plan with relevant partners. Whether home fortification with MNP can reduce anemia in large refugee camp settings in sub-Saharan Africa had not been well characterized before this. One box containing 30 sachets for each family member was distributed monthly, together with standard food ration.

Radio, TV and print media journalists from Antananarivo and the region attended the launch and a press release was provided for coverage in national and regional newspapers. Home Business Family agriculture generates most of the food in the region. In the case of agricultural workers, their own poverty decreased mainly in Chile and Brazil, countries recognized for their policies of support and inclusion of family agriculture.

Peru Micronutrient supplementation strategy for children aged months Peru Project Type:

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