Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English has produced. All About G.V. Desani remembers the author of All About H. Hatterr, etc. Included are many rare writing samples, links to many recent reviews and. Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English.

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“All About H. Hatterr – Desani’s ‘Novel Gesture’” | sarbani chaudhury –

Desani’s two major works in roughly chronological order and includes a sampling of comments that attended the publication. Hali is his name, but he is more than Hali; he is the shadow of man in extremity. The entire ‘holus-bolus’ richly merits a place on the same shelf as Hyman Kaplan, Mr. But while the story is thin, the language is thick and piquant, sauced with wit, spiced with Indian cult Damme, what a vernacular explosion!

The second group comprises the new breed alo authors, who can actually trace back their lineage to Desani: Sir, there is no immediate demand for gestures. Rooh hhatterr this figure remains abstract, in spite of the terrible account of her betrayal in this hatterr of wars and lusts. The novel details the mostly mis- adventures of one H. And that promise — what a stingo! Whereupon, a local litigation for my possession ensued. Hatterr, Hali encodes the writer’s vision of cosmic creation and human destiny, marrying Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic and other Indian religious traditions into a cathartic drama.

Eliot “Bless him, [Desani] does mash it up, bending orthography, stretching syntax, mixing in shards of Hindi, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German and a goodly dose of balderdash, whilst tossing in references to Whitman, Shakespeare, Socrates, Freud and appeals to Kama and Laxmi as well as to Allah and Christ.

To show you some example of ultra-creativity of Desani, few small excerpts are presented below. Saul Bellow found that Desani was one of the few writers he could read while he worked on his own novel. Most of these encounters ends with him naked or nearly so in some utterly compromising situation–perhaps the most entertaining of which involves a raw steak and a lion.

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English across Cultures qtd. It is, of course, as poetry y I take Hali Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Sir, itemize it accordingly. Patrick Anderson writing for The Spectator said, “H. Hatterrwith an introduction by Anthony Burgess, and approximately 1, hatterrr and additions and a new chapter in the Lancer Books edition and Penguin Modern Classics and King Penguin editions has made publishing history.

This book is near the top of my list of books that must not be allowed to disappear.

A second volume, Hali and Collected Stories, was published in Until a few months ago, even the old trade paperbacks were seventy-five bucks a pop. Zukfikar Ghose, column for Dawn dawn. Desani was skeptical of happy endings, but he did believe in gestures, preferably grand.

Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English has produced. Hatterr on his wisdom-seeking quest, in which he encounters among other nuts the malaria-mad mystic Giri-Giri, a scheming sage who deals in used clothes, and Charlie, the steak-loving lion. The rebellion is not in the story alone but in the way it is told and the language used.

Refresh and try again. Michael Dirda, writer and editor for Book Worldalso has noted the serious aspects of Hatterr”In fact, Desani’s book, for all its good humor and linguistic zing, repeatedly builds toward authentic speculations about religion, death, the after-life and other transcendental matters.

Said Philip Toynbee, “A comic masterpiece Desani is undoubtedly a master in the creative use of English — puns, parodies, colloquialisms — and an accomplished artist in the invention of a new language. I hate to be siding with T. Showing of 17 reviews.

All About H. Hatterr

This comic ‘autobiographical’ of a young, ne’er-do-well Anglo-Indian’s quest for enlightenment among seven sages is conveyed in a fantastically conceived style — an anti- Candid by way of Lewis Carroll and Groucho Marx. This I did, knowing, hell, that between us was all u temperamental difference in the world!


Set in late British Empire India, it tells the story of an Anglo-Indian orphan who engages seven false gurus and loses much for each encounter. Paradox thus becomes the central paradigm for the work, its genesis, the author and the protagonist, and permeates the linguistic texture as well. Hear this zbout charge! Whoever asked a cultivated mind such as yours to submit your intellectual acumen or emotions to this Qll.

Abstract The paper attempts to trace the contours of Indian Writing in English, especially novels, and to scrutinise G.

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Nov 13, Tonymess rated it it was amazing. Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Though Desani never wrote another novel, and though he published few short stories and a poem Hali apart from this, he was immediately recognized by the likes of T. I have seen several novels already with a lot of word plays.

For front and back covers of all the editions please see the Book Covers page. Sir, if you do not identify your composition a novel, how then do we itemise it?

All About H. Hatterr by G V Desani | : Books

Indian middle-man to Author: Despite the linguistic and narrative revolution presaged by Hatterr, both his author and his text have been relegated to relative oblivion in the annals of Indian Writing in English. Short review – This is bona-fide Shandian Spawn, full of wonderful textual fun and games, an early entry in the Indian post-colonial literary movement, and a bloody riot of words.

Sir, I identify it a gesture. I’ll try reading again another day to see if I have a different take on it. Write a customer review.

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