Download: MiCOM P44x Order Form Cortec Configurator P P P P P P – Easergy MiCOM P44x. Alstom Generator Protection relay Micom P (Numerical relay),Alstom- Transmission-P,MiCOM Agile P, P & P (Distance Protection Systems). MiCOM P, P and P Numerical Full Scheme Distance Relays . range of protection functions listed in the table, the P, P and.

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However, in the rare case when a large number of records to be logged are created in a short period of time, it is possible that some will be lost alstim the supervisors buffer is full before the platform software is able to create a new log in battery backed-up SRAM. It also processes the distance algorithms. A “wildcard” comparison is employed. The digital input signals are opto isolated on this board to prevent excessive voltages on these inputs causing damage to the relay’s internal circuitry.

It provides EIA RS serial data communication and is intended for use with a PC locally to the relay up to 15m distance as shown in figure 8. The configuration column controls which of the four protection settings groups is selected as active through the Active settings cell.

Agile P, P and P distance protection – Specifications

Longer than tZ3 to grade with distance protection. This aspect should be taken into account when forming the load groups.

Alztom level Operations enabled Level 0 No password required Read access to all settings, alarms, event records and fault records Level 1 Password 1 or 2 As level 0 plus: The Basic scheme is suitable for single or double circuit lines fed from one or both ends.

Disturbance record extraction They can be caused by sudden removal of faults, loss of synchronism across a power system or changes in direction of power flow as a result of switching. Sustained underfrequency has implications on the stability of the system, whereby alsrom subsequent disturbance may lead to damage to frequency sensitive equipment and even blackouts, if the underfrequency condition is not corrected wlstom fast. Customers have a choice of p4422 built-in teleprotection: This chapter includes information on the self-checking features and diagnostics of the relay.

The internal clock is then used for the time tagging of the event, fault maintenance and disturbance records.

  6ES7 221-1BH30-0XB0 PDF

Note that a common cause of difficulty with serial data communication is connecting Tx to Tx and Rx to Rx. Due to the risk of incorrect operation, specific care should be taken to ensure that the configuration is correct.

This can be done as previously using the front port serial connection of the relay, or now optionally over the Ethernet connection if preferred. The functions available in the hotkey menu are listed below: Maximum storage capacity is equivalent to 28 events of 3 s which gives a maximum duration of 84 s.

This avoids maloperation for heavy through fault currents, where mismatched CT saturation could present a spill current to the relay. Under certain conditions however, these two schemes will still result in time delayed tripping. Power swings follow a much slower impedance locus. In addition, the primary star point of the VT must be earthed.

In the event of equipment failure, maybe of signalling equipment or switchgear, it is necessary to provide alternative forms of fault clearance. Instantaneous zone 1 tripping. Any unbalanced fault condition will produce negative sequence current of some magnitude.

If enabled it allows the DNP 3. This allows the following connection media: With this type of connection it should be noted that the maximum distance between the Px40 relay and the modem should be 15m, and that a baud rate suitable for the communications path used should be selected.

Gargash Electricals

For equipment aostom pin-terminal connections, the threaded terminal block for current transformer termination does NOT have automatic CT shorting on removal of the module.

The DFT used in this way extracts the power frequency fundamental component from the signal and produces p42 magnitude and phase angle of the fundamental in rectangular component format. Each Ethernet card has a unique Mac address used for Ethernet communications, this is also printed on the rear of the card, alongside the Ethernet sockets.

Inside the relay the PCBs plug into the connector blocks at aletom rear, and can be removed from the front of the relay only. The aided tripping schemes can perform single pole tripping. Battery replacement Where internal batteries are fitted they should be replaced with the recommended type and be installed with the correct polarity to avoid possible damage to the equipment, buildings and persons.


Protocol Modbus The next cell down controls the Modbus address of the relay: To use the rear port with DNP 3. Note that in practice, if the required fault study information is not available, the setting must adhere to the minimum threshold previously outlined, employing a suitable time delay for co-ordination with downstream devices.

The LED 4p42 flash until the alarms have been accepted readafter which the LED will change to constant illumination, and will extinguish when the alarms have been cleared. Particular regulations within the country of operation, may apply to the disposal of the equipment.

All the stages trip three-phase only. Both the stored model number and that read-in from the relay are displayed along with the warning; the onus is on you to decide if the alston to be qlstom are compatible with the connected relay.

These four elements are not distinguishable to the user, and are all processed by the same processor board.

P442 Numerical Distance Protection Relays

Reset of fault and alarm conditions. This includes all the relay settings and measurements. However the menu selected default display will be restored following the menu time-out elapsing. For the rear port this can be set between 1 and 30 minutes.

This board, the IRIG-B board and second rear comms board are mutually exclusive as they both utilise slot A within the relay case. We provide mission-critical solutions to manage electrical transmission and distribution grids, including telecoms and energy trading management. Current transformer supervision – To raise an alarm should one or more of the connections from the phase CTs become faulty. Control and support settings will be updated immediately after they are entered, without Update settings?

Note how the polarising chosen for aided DEF is independent of that chosen for alstoom earth fault elements. The input module consist of two PCBs; the main input board and a transformer board. Operation Guide, contains information on the installation and commissioning of the relay, and also a section on fault finding.

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