The AMCA laboratory has the capability to test fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains ANSI/AMCA D Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating . Buy AMCA D: LABORATORY METHODS OF TESTING DAMPERS FOR RATING from SAI Global. ANSI/AMCA D Laboratory Methods of Testing Dampers for Rating The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform laboratory test methods for.

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Amcaa, AMCA International does not guarantee, certify or assure the safety or performance of any products, components or systems tested, designed, installed or operated in accordance with AMCA International standards or that any tests conducted under its standards will be nonhazardous or free from risk.

Dampers Archives – Modular Framing Systems

Under conditions of the specified airflow, the damper shall completely open and latch automatically when a latch is provided without damage to the damper or its components. Readings shall be made simultaneously whenever possible. Table 1 displays 7. The contribution to the combined uncertainty in the flow rate measurement shall 50d exceed that corresponding to 1. A test shall be conducted at a selected airflow rate through the damper when fully open and a selected pressure drop across the damper when closed.

When using a chamber for airflow leakage testing, maca for velocity profile downstream of the nozzles, and area ratio criteria may be ignored. If system leakage is measured less than maximum allowed, then actual system leakage becomes allowable system leakage.

Air control

If the value is above 500c cfm, the leakage test shall be repeated. An airflow rate measurement and pressure differential shall be established and recorded at ambient temperatures between 0?

If all results were obtained at the same air density or if results were converted to a nominal density, such density shall be listed; otherwise a curve with air density as ordinate shall be drawn. In this case, the leakage through the damper passes entirely through the nozzles.



The temperature which exists by virtue of the internal and kinetic energy of the air or gas. The damper and system leakage through the leakage chamber nozzle plate shall be calculated using Section 9. A test is a complete set of measurements or determinations one set for each setting of airflow with the damper in the open position and pressure drop across the 500v when in the closed position. Failure to open as previously demonstrated in the static condition shall be recorded.

Table 8 displays allowable combinations of airflow rate measurement and test damper setups.

The percentage of duct area blockage shall be defined as the amcq created by the projected areas of those items within the duct dimensions such as frame members, stops, etc.

This test shall be referred to as the system test. If the air or gas is at rest, the total temperature will equal the static temperature. The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform laboratory test methods for dampers.

A performance check will be necessary to verify the flow settling means are providing proper flow patterns. It is preferable that the same meters be used for the test as for the calibration. The wmca of the airflow rate measurement can be reduced by changing to a smaller nozzle or combination of nozzles for low airflow rates.

Each test shall be conducted at ambient temperatures between 0? The ratio of absolute nozzle exit pressure to absolute approach pressure shall be calculated from: The gas constant R may be taken as In addition, three readings of traverse-plane dry-bulb temperature td3 shall be anca unless the qmca are steady in which case only one need be recorded.

Test data for the determination shall be recorded. Since the airflow and pressures through a damper in a typical system are never strictly steady, the pressure indicated on any instrument will fluctuate with time. Standards Amcx from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.


A correction shall be made to adjust the pressure drop measured at test conditions to the pressure drop which would be measured at the same airflow rate with standard air density [1. System Leakage is defined as the volume of air leaking into or out of the chamber with the damper blanked off or the opening covered.

The arithmetic mean of the individual velocity measurements made at these points will be the mean velocity through the measuring section for the subject velocity profiles a,ca.

AMCA seeking volunteers to serve on AMCA D Review Committee.

Barometers shall be maintained in good condition. A test shall begin with the lowest 500dd value, the damper being allowed to seek its own equilibrium position with respect to pressure differential. Any consistent system of units may be employed to evaluate these quantities unless a numerical factor is included, in which case units must be as specified.

The velocity pressure at a point shall be measured on an indicator, such as a manometer, with one leg connected to a qmca pressure sensor, such as the impact tap of a Pitotstatic tube, and the other leg connected to a static pressure sensor, such as the static tap of the same Pitot-static amcz.

The damper leakage through the nozzle plate shall be calculated in accordance with Section 9.

However, only a test that does not violate any mandatory requirement of this standard shall be designated as a test conducted in accordance with this standard.

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