Home · Sarah Kane – El Amor de Fedra. Sarah Kane – El Amor de Fedra. January 7, | Author: Adrian Grnd | Category: N/A. DOWNLOAD PDF – KB. Sarah kane el amor de fedra descargar. Sys pager – not malware but system restore that you don t want at boot up. Aesthetic. O Amor de Fedra () de Sarah Kane – Inglaterra () Esta versão da tragédia de Fedra e Hipólito, além de mais moderna é muito cruel e perversa.

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Trivia About Complete Plays. He is described as ‘fat’ and his room is in disarray. Let me be clear: It wasn’t that kind of dream. Afterwards, when Theseus sees the corpses, he realizes that it was Strophe who he had just raped and killed and expresses regret before cutting his own throat.

It’s horrible and definitely not something to be romanticized. It’s so difficult to talk about Kane, even though I’ve been studying her oeuvre this entire semester, and I actually had a 4-hour exam on this topic today.

Phaedra’s Love – Wikipedia

Blasted and Phaedra’s Love are reasonably straightforward stories, Cleansed is already a more confusing pastiche of scenes, Crave does not have proper character names anymore and no instructions to actors in fact fedda seems to be several interstitched monologues, maybe? It is hard for me to consider Kane’s work outside of its theatrical contexts as my first encounter with her was through Warlikowski’s production of “Cleansed” on stage.


Lembrou-me um pouco a mistura do filme Trainspotting e de Salo, de Pasolini, juntou drogas e sadismo. Sarah Kane was an English playwright. Phaedra approaches Hippolytus, regardless of the warnings she has heard. This sense of being stuck could make her plaintively ophidian, as when she describes a gigantic sunflower growing through the floor of an insane asylum. I do feel bad for her and the fact she took her life.

In the final sequence Theseus has returned home and disguises himself in a crowd. Come se la direzione fosse importante.

This is what a Sarah Kane play is like. Blasted contains some incredibly funny moments, even amidst the extreme violence.

Phaedra confesses her love for him, but he spurns her, telling her she will only be hurt. Urlare quello che ho dentro. Un pugno allo stomaco Just makes me think of how the plays came to happen. If it were only the violence to shock you then this would be boring.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. When I woke up it wasn’t with a start. Sep 14, Simona Bartolotta rated it it was amazing Shelves: In it was a very graphic and bloody image.

All fedar of Kane’s plays are compiled in this gut-punch of a collection.

Complete Plays

It’s about an unpleasant journalist, his presumably ex-girlfriend and later a troubled but sadistic soldier in a time of war. Few thousand jobs gone. He is initially unresponsive, but when he reaches his climax he asserts himself in the act.


Depression is not beautiful, suicide is not a romantic way of dying. Kane wrote only few plays before committing suicide, so ‘Complete Plays’ is not a big book – just a few plays and one TV script.

But Sarah Kane manages to release a blistering opus before leaving us. This anthology includes Kane’s never-before-published Channel 4 screenplay, Skin. Despite it being the most disturbing plays ever, they are extremely well written.

You have to be in an extremely dark place to be able to do this and it is not something to aspire. Metti che il cielo infuri di sabbia e di notte. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Works by Sarah Kane. Views Read Edit View history. Sarah, ti appendi alle scapole. Open Preview See a Problem? There is rape, there is suicide, there is a tongue being cut off, limbs are removed, eyes are getting sucked out and a a baby is being cannibalized.

Was not quite sure what I thought about it or what the message was.

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