AMX also guarantees the control of dimmable loads that are . MVPi Modero® ViewPoint® Touch Panel with Intercom, and 5”. Buy AMX MVPi-GW Modero ViewPoint 5″ Touch Panel w/ Intercom, White, Wireless and other Control Systems with the best prices from our. Find great deals for AMX Modero Viewpoint Mvpi Touch Panel. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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System Setting Page Elements Cont.

When using Wireless Ethernet, press aamx listed Mode to toggle through the available connection modes: Before commencing, verify you are using the latest NetLinx Master and Modero panel-specific firmware. Accessing the Setup and Protected Setup Pages 1.

Other than wall installation tools, the only tool required for this installation is a 1 Phillips screwdriver. These codes are entered into the ammx field along with any other text.

AMX Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel FG5966-03 MVP-5200i-GB

A ten-second lag betwen the touch panel being placed in the Wall Charging Station and thesecurity feature enabling allows the user to remove the touch panel if it is accidentally put into the device. Use the options in the Setup pages to access panel information and make various configuration changes. Where the product was sold. If this field is left blank, the unit will attempt to connect to the first available WAP.


Set text alignment using a Syntax: PAC shared secret credentials for use in authentication. Under Subnet mask, set the suitable subnet mask.

Wireless Technology section on page for further information.

For backwards compatibility both versions are supported. Page 48 Configuring Communication 3. Border Styles And Programming Numbers The following number values cannot be used for programming purposes when changing border styles.

In the new window: Page 24 Accessories Strip 0. Verify you have downloaded the latest firmware file from www.

5.2″ Modero Viewpoint Touch Panels

EAP requires the use of an Refer to the Appendix B: PEAP uses only server-side public key certificates and therefore mgp not need a client panel certificate which makes the configuration and setup easier. What are the hazards?

Page Appendix C: Pop up the keypad icon and Syntax: For example, in working with a zip code, a user could limit the entry to a max length of only 5 characters; Gets the button ‘OFF state’ text color information. Page 56 Configuring Communication 5. Pops up the Keypad and initializes the text string ” with prompt text ‘Enter Password’. For touch panels not showing evidence of a swollen battery, AMX have made available a firmware upgrade for the Series, i wireless touch panels that notifies the end user if their panel has experienced a condition that might lead to a swollen battery and will advise the end user to discontinue use, stop recharging and immediately return the touch panel for replacement of the battery pack.


AMX Modero Viewpoint Mvpi Touch Panel | eBay

ABC is not the same as Abc. Change the bargraph slider Syntax: A confirmation message appears stating “Please wait, Initial screen loading.

To establish a Master connection: Battery Life and Replacement 8. PSP This command sets the location at which the effect will begin. Only one of the main passwords may be used to access the Protected Settings page. Press and hold the center button on the navigation wheel for 6 seconds to access the Calibration page see FIG.

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