By the time Rock Hudson’s death in alerted all America to the danger of the AIDS epidemic, the disease had spread across the nation, killing thousands of. “Shilts successfully weaves comprehensive investigative reporting and commercial page-turning pacing, political intrigue, and personal tragedy into a landmark. And the Band Played on: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic [Randy Shilts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Women tend to favor more candor in reports on rape, AIDS and the private lives of politicians. Twenty-nine members of the American Legion died in at a convention in Philadelphia. While this book did make me sad to see the stories of so many different people who died of AIDS, this book mostly made me so incredibly angry. The colleague switched the samples, Shilts reported, because of a grudge he had against the Pasteur Institute.

Jun 16, laaaaames rated it really liked it. To ask other readers questions about And the Band Played Onplease sign up.

And The Band Played on: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic – Randy Shilts – Google Books

From Plaed, the free encyclopedia. Departmental ego and pride, according to Shilts, also confounded research as the Centers for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institutes battled over funding and who might get credit for medical discoveries that were to come from the isolation of HIV, blood tests to find HIV, or any possible vaccine.

Dec 24, The HIV I know can be well controlled. I picked it up December 2, It highlights the stories of different people who died of AIDS as well as the doctors, researchers, and politicians working to combat the epidemic. He often uses an omniscient point of view to zhilts individuals’ thoughts and feelings. I’ve read a few books with darker subject matter, but all books had one thing in common: Even though this book was written init is worth reading now because of its attention to how the AIDS virus was handled by bajd only medical personnel but the government who was meant to protect individuals from serious epidemics like AIDS.

Here in the U. The main problem I had with this book is that there were too many names to keep track of. Mar te, Mark rated it it was ok. Anyone who lived through the eighties should reread this book with the benefit of hindsight, and anyone who tje not read this book should read because as humans we are fallible and are likely to fail to respond to the next crisis if we do not learn from our mistakes.

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I knew it hadn’t been handled well, and I knew about the prejudice attached to it, both because of the disease itself and because of the gay victims of the disease. And the parts where Shilts discusses a partner watching his lover waste away or not ALLOWED to watch him waste away by selfish, fundamentalist family members are wrenching.

But he still typifies the wanton ignorance and total psychopathy which involves spreading an unknown disease to hundreds of people, often telling his partners after the act, “I have gay cancer. That has been a working playfd for books I really want to read but which require a bit more discipline than reading other books do. These 3 events made me an unrepentant liberal, willing to fight for anyone being unfairly treated by government or individuals.

This book catalogs one of the great nadirs of bannd American life; a time when institutionalized apathy and indifference in almost every government and Brutal. How the gay men of San Francisco didn’t want to close the bathhouses. Then, they hhe and walked out, leaving the gaunt man on the floor. Retrieved from ” https: Abd book brought back the early 80s in hallucinatory detail. I am reminded of the oft noticed phenomenon that when you have personal knowledge of a newspaper story, you are startled by playedd errors for example, if you were the one interviewedand then realize that the stories that you know nothing about are probably abnd inaccurate.

I bought this book the week it came out, and it changed my view of everything. Soon I was fighting with myself whether to take this book with me on my way out or the novel I was “actually reading” come on, everybody does this, right?

This is a great book and should be required reading before graduation. God creates the world, then he creates Abraham, Abraham begets Isaac, Isaac begets Jacob, and so on and so on. I didn’t know it was this pervasive, or this completely and utterly inhuman.

To me this process necessarily entails shiots degree of fictionalization, or at the very least, a departure from an ‘objective’ history of AIDS in Europe and America. Shilts has dug deep into the shilt of the AIDs crisis: As the book progresses in its mesmerizing, chronological style, jumping from place to place, alternating personal stories with political and medical intrigue, the moments of frustration and disbelief grow.


This book has just about everything I like in a non-fiction.

But this book showed me that I bxnd know as much as I thought I knew. Reagan is illuminated in the harsh light of retrospect and found wanting. Open Preview See a Problem? One Reporter’s Account of the Nation’s Response.

There is a movie based on this book, I watched some of it and it is good.

1987. Book: And the Band Played On

Coming in at just over pages, this book is definitely daunting to pick up. But Shilts did not have a problem. Ans might sound funny from a person who loved George R. In addition to the disasters, the author also cites many heroes, including Rock Hudson the first celebrity who went public, making the cause more relevant to the general population and C.

The ambulance stopped at 10th Street San Franciscodouble-parked, and MacDonald was quickly bundled onto a gurney. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. This book catalogs one shilt the great nadirs of modern American llayed a time when institutionalized apathy and indifference in almost every government and societal institution directly lead to the unspeakable suffering and death of tens of thousands of Americans at the hands of the most frightening plague of the modern age.

So if you don’t have time or want to read the book, you can watch the movie. Along those lines, people don’t care about 20, dead, but they thd care about one dying person. He has provided a comprehensive, horrific history of the disease, its victims, and the uncaring government who allowe The gay plague got covered only ahd it finally had struck people who counted, people who were not homosexuals. If so, it should have maybe touched on how gay rights has changed as a result of the epidemic.

If so, it ended too soon in span of time. The book touched me in so many ways and I am not sure I have the talent, time or patience to express all of them in a review.

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