Marina, published in , is a 2,line poem by Andrej Sladkovic. He loved Maria Pischlova, but her parents made her marry a gingerbread. Marina [Andrej Sladkovic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : List of andrej sladkovic marina pdf book. Download the andrej sladkovic marina pdf book in PDF file format for free at

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Andrej Sladkovic Marina Pdf Stáhnout PDF

There she rages in the outpours of the sea. For it is the spell of human doomthat it loves its illusions and its land: We cannot help but sing! But like the slxdkovic in the rushing waters of Hronthe secret of my lover will be revealed to sincere souls.

Upon the lovely, full crimsons of that mouth the youth of my fatherland has sat downthe whiteness of innocence upon the teeth: There, in front of the largest sacred tablewith her eye, flying to the heavenly poles sladjovic, there kneels the enthused maid and on her forehead, rainbow of holiness — Is she praying? Could you hand a dreadful glass of.

This bunch of colours is no coincidencehere, the mother nature is handing me the two colours of my nation. She told you to greet me three times, and not to start such quarrels and fights with me, that’s what she ordered you.

Is watching it, his beard hanging down: What have the mighty times gainedseparating the heaven from the Earth? Walk the mountains towards the summonings of love genii!

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You were adoring his beautiful powders and your face blushed so beautifullyyou loved the handsome prisoner ; — you looked into his treacherous eyes and your face got shaded with angeryour lips thundering upon him: Don’t you know, my dear friend, that your mistress has allowed me to dwell in your neighborhood?

Look at her beautiful foreheadstillness matured in her beautiful eyes — Her?

Longest playable stringed musical instrument: And in these worlds, my soulthose are big who are small hereeternal peace without unrestsweetness that is not poisoned by sorrow ; there, gold does not outweigh beauty, there, weakness does not startle the heartthe venoms of envy die there ; in those worlds, with warm-hearted passionandrek in by eternal faithfulnessthe lovers cuddle to their beloved ones.

Anfrej wipe my eyes, come a bit closer and what has appeared to my eyes?

Andrej Sládkovič

Hawk eyes chasing men — with love? But may the world scream in peacemay it not be willing to hear about any fightmay it be perishing in dead slavery! Do not sing about praising the beauty, when you once start rushing towards skadkovic, Deny the highest need of your heart, and you and your world will turn into stone! A delusional flash, an unfaithful son of unhappy daysmerciful enemy of the poora distant shade of happy hours: You wasted the shadows, you wasted slarkovic own hours of labour and you missed the beauty of the land!

Slovakia woos with ‘love bank’ for Valentine’s Day – BBC News

So when a wicked man looks at beautyhe only invites her with xndrej praises and calls the beauty ugly names. But he was not like the evil spirit usually ishe had a power of something nice: Have you seen flowers pearled? Should the angel of the maid not blow the earthly chaff off you, that you’ve been praising higher than a slice of bread!


In your veins, I have seenthat there is another heart, courting: My feet, do not stand! Unshade my world, my bright world puts the clouds to shame! And here I am in a new doubtshould I be fond of your delightsor of the crystals of your very eyes?

There it flashes from Parom’s fist. Mother nature with her golden dawn has come to her window! The nature is sleeping, and through the Heavens flounders the Spirit, the son of happy life: I gave no credit to my very eyesis it delusion, or euphemisms is somebody putting glasses on my nose?

So goes the flattererthough in his soul just the forsaken emptiness echoesand the blood of such a low rascal is poisoned with raw materiality: You, serious night, you silent nightyou queen of heavenly dreams! Yet I find your anger unnecessarywhat are the eternal hours for?

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