Ángel de medianoche. Front Cover. Lisa Kleypas. Zeta Bolsillo, – Love stories – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Ángel de medianoche. Ángel de medianoche by Lisa Kleypas at – ISBN – ISBN – B de Bolsillo (Ediciones B) – – Softcover. Ángel de medianoche. Lisa Kleypas. Published by Ediciones B (). ISBN ISBN Used Hardcover Quantity Available: 1.

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I liked it but it was too much!!!

Why on angeo would she want to do that when she knows Nikolas is looking for her? I have to twist my tongue to pronounce it. Prince Nikolas is a darkly brooding young man who obviously has a very sordid past, but showed a few glimmers of a gentler side.

She had been convicted of murder in St.

She escaped the gallows, but she is afraid her past will catch up with her. Kletpas tidak mengingat apa-apa kenapa ia bisa memegang pisau dan pingsan begitu saja. I just fall and fall hard.

Merripen was like a guardian to the sisters and he had a connection to Win.

Tuya a medianoche

He comes with the Hathaways. They always have that great element of forbidden lust and the tension is so awesome. I’m reading the Hathaway series completely out of order. Unfortunately, when an author steps outside her comfort zone and tries unconventional things, it doesn’t always work out.

Nikolas agrees to help Luke smuggle Tasia back out of the country.

Midnight Angel

But what makes me love him most is that his love for Tasia. Di tampung di rumah sepupu nya, Tasia harus seger menghilang dan bersembunyi dari kejaran Membaca tidak berurutan seri ini dan sempat kecewa dengan buku 2 tentang Emma dan si mata keranjang tukang selingkuh, Prince Nikolas, saya berharap buku tentang Luke Papa Emma dan Tasia Sepupu jauh Nikolas bisa memberikan penghiburan buat saya. She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children. I always enjoy her stories!!!


Maybe not in the starting but as I progress in my reading, my heart has softened and begun to love him for who he is. We have met him in ” Devil in Winter ” and he was a very interesting and intrigue man.

I guess I’ve gotten too used to heroes who are so uber-capable that they can handle any situation that comes up.

Mine Till Midnight is the beginning of the Hathaways Sisters series, and while it doesn’t explicitly say so, you need to read The Wallflowers series beforehand because SO MANY characters overlap and I feel you would be confused if you didn’t.

Videos About This Book. He has a 12 year-old daughter, for heaven’s sake! He even has his carriage ready to take her wherever she wants to go. She is being accused of murder, which she believes to be true – having no recollection of the night her fiance died. He was smart, wealthy and very skillful in many levels. Amelia comes from a family of so called misfits and as the oldest female has taken the role of protector of her family’s welfare at the risk of danger and the occasional headache.

Luke is even more enamored with Tasia’s body now that she’s pregnant than he was before. Sampai Nikki berlutut minta maaf lho ke Tasia, dan dia katanya berhutang seumur hidup permintaan maaf pada Tasia. This story was so centered around Tasia that he was prominant in the story but not as prominant as she was. If there wasn’t his dark skin, you couldn’t tell that Cam Rohan wasn’t an aristocrat.

One night of sex transformed a lifetime of behavior for her. Cam Rohan is the dark and mysterious Roma that falls for our heroine, Amelia Hathaway.


In today’s society, he would be call a cradle robber. They could live on opposite sides of the world, and she would still kpeypas his. Haha Midnight Angel is a bit of a cross between the Anastasia story and Jane Eyre with a little extra. There is myself, adventure, a secret and a hero. Lists with This Book. I thought maybe Luke had done this as a way of trying to blackmail Tasia into staying with him. Their plans couldn’t take ljsa love in them.

Cam sees Amelia for the woman she truly medianochf fearful of marriage after being jilted by a former lover, protective of her brood, and straining at the pressure put upon her. I loved her character because she was quiet, warm, giving etc. Her personality seemed pretty contradictory at times. Rufina Moreno Ceballos Traductor.

Ángel de Medianoche (The Stokehursts, #1) by Lisa Kleypas (5 star ratings)

Not your typical romance, as there’s quite a lot of focus on the Russian politics of the late nineteenth century. And i want to see if there is some connection between Cam and Merripen and also i want to find out how is the life for Amelia and Cam after the decision that they took in the end of this book If anything is certain, it is that I will certainly be reading more of Kleypas as soon as I possibly can.

There’s an instant attraction, but the two of them know their outlooks on life will keep them apart. I’ve heard that some readers are bothered by Luke having a hook in place of a missing Reviewed for www.

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