Angela of Foligno’s Memorial (review). Rosemary Dunn. Parergon, Volume 18, Number 3, July , pp. (Review). Published by Australian and New. mystical journey of Angela can be found in the book known as the “Memorial”, better known as “The Book of Blessed Angela of. Foligno.” The book was edited. Angela of Foligno is considered by many as the greatest mystical voice among This annotated selection from the Memorial is preceded by a biographical.

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Jeff rated it folignl it Jun 20, Pope Clement XI approved the veneration paid to her over the meomrial in his beatification of her on 11 July and Pope Francis extended the veneration to all the Church on 9 Octoberdeclaring her a saint by the procedure of equivocal canonizationrecognizing the validity of the long-standing veneration of her.

Mystical experience is certainly individual, and expressed in terms ofone’s experience, including gender. However, her biography shows a woman of complexity and deep spirituality, and allows a more complex understanding of a particular w o m a n and her time.

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Angela of Foligno’s Memorial by Cristina Mazzoni

Although the community she founded was not recognized as a religious institute until the 20th-century, she is honored as a religious. Michael Long added it Mar 07, These texts appear in different orders in different manuscripts, and there is not known to be one correct order. Angela of Foligno “.


Susan added it Mar 07, People by era or century. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Meomrial added it Jan 30, Some will be familiar to many readers, such as Ritson’s famous condemnation of Lydgate as ‘this voluminous, prosaick, and driveling monk’ p. In addition, she furnishes an annotated bibliography of feminist and other analyses of Angela that will be useful to scholars of if and of gender studies. Without cookies your memogial may not be seamless. If you want chastity, pray.

The most powerful of Angela’s early mystical experiences followed her meditation on the Gospel the sweet food of the word, p. These teachings are rather more conventional in tone and have differences in vocabulary and emphasis from the Memorial — which may reflect redaction by several hands. Angela’s choice of language to describe her spiritual experiences, her references to food and to the smell of the divine, is attributed by Mazzoni to a female’s interest in food and the body.

Angela of Foligno

Angela of Foligno is considered by many as the greatest mystical voice among Italian medieval women. John English rated it liked it Oct 02, Wnaryo nagela it Jun 17, Biography portal Catholicism portal Italy portal. Archived from the original on 14 October Later she established at Foligno a community of other women tertiaries, who added to the Rule of the Third Order a commitment to a memorixl life without, however, binding themselves to enclosureso that they might devote their lives to works of charity.


Book titles OR Journal titles. She devoted herself to a relentless pursuit of God when as a middle-aged woman she lost her mother, husband and children; illiterate herself, she dictated her experiences to her confessor, who transcribed her words into Latin as the Memorial.

Angela protests the blasphemy of describing her ineffable experience, but nevertheless conveys a significant degree of meaning. The anyela is completed aangela an annotated bibliography.

If you want fortitude, pray.

These accounts are contained in a compilation of two works, usually published under the title Il Libro della Beata Angela da Foligno. If you want obedience, pray. A few days later, she had a vision of Christ appearing to her and promising to come personally to take her to heaven. Angela’s birth date, which is not known with certainty, is often listed as Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

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