KnowledgeSTUDIO provides you with advanced data mining and predictive analytics capabilities for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle. Angoss Software Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with offices in the KnowledgeSTUDIO is a data mining and predictive analytics suite for the model development and deployment cycle. Its features include data. Angoss provides data mining software and services designed to aid in business decision-making. The company’s applicatins are used to track and manage data .

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Sum—a calculation based of the sum a field e.

Angoss – Wikipedia

After the desired path has been traced, the mouse button is released. In the second step i. It will be appreciated that the database system may be shipped or installed without the database to or by end users. For example, a dialog box is anfoss window that may be displayed to request information from the user or to supply information to the user.

After the grouping step is finished the decision tree is adjusted accordingly. To trace the movement of the cursorthe cursor is located at the desired minijg location, the mouse button is depressed to signal the CPU to activate a function associated with the objectand the mouse is moved while maintaining the button minnig.

The system of claim 28 wherein the document further includes one or more of the conditional expression, the calculation expression, and the treatment expression.

The user creates a decision tree that uses the calculated column. United States Patent This is because it takes some time to recomputed the weights on large datasets. The user attempts to score using the original training dataset. Alternate uses or applications for the invention include the following: The client system may display one or more of the responses on a display screen of the client system to thereby address the business problem e.

Approach for generating rules. This may be a gradient coloring of discrete DV’s except it would use a node calculation. Next, the user is presented with a list of treatments found in the tree. For example, again in a collections strategy, the call center can make only so many outbound calls. Ninth, by allowing many strategy trees to be associated with a single strategy design, marketers can have overlapping offers.


After running a strategy verification component of the strategy tree modulea new verified or verification strategy tree is created with node calculations e.

When a user creates a predictive model, cluster model, decision tree, or strategy tree, the source dataset is examined to find any expressions that were created in the dataset expression editor The user issues a Retrain command.


By default it copies the tree calculationsfrom the tree being verified mniing adds a record count calculation. The dataset may include one or more columns and the one or more values may be values in the one or more columns. Allowing the user to edit the data source definition e. Mihing is a way that a user can re-compute the ranges.

Timeline condition support for an abstract database. Second, the method of the invention combines integration of decision trees, data mining model outputs, user defined thresholds, and profit or value metrics in a single unified authoring environment that is also open for inputs from multiple external sources and that enables management and deployment to multiple target environments.

Analytical techniques and statistical methods consist for example of segmentation, classification, and estimation. According to one embodiment, each client includes a CPU operatively coupled to memory which also stores an operating system not shown for general management of the client system For example, clicking on a row e.

Automatic data perspective generation for a target variable. Continuing the example, once the treatments have been written to the dataset the user can compute new derived dataset fields such as the new credit limit, estimated future utilization, interest income, and write-offs and then display them in a new strategy tree or simply report the total effect. Method and system for data mining automation in domain-specific analytic applications.

Next, the mouse button is depressed and released. Segments can be created using any available data and splits can be computed to optimize on a number of different variables.

The system of claim 16 wherein the one or more of the segments, calculated values, and responses are included in a document provided by the data mining system. Note that if the tree calculationsare not up-to-date, then they will not be charted. The strategy tree module also includes a calculated fields in decision trees function.


With respect to decision trees or strategy trees and adding a calculated column, the user first imports a file. The present invention may be implemented in any computer programming language provided that the operating system of the data processing system provides the facilities that may support the requirements of the present invention.

The most dominate treatment is selected. The tree structure may include a root node for the dataset and links between the root node and the one or more nodes, the links representing splitting of the dataset by the conditional expression to produce the segments. According to one embodiment, the user interface of the strategy tree module supports capabilities for designing, analyzing, testing, publishing, and managing strategy trees.

Calculationsare performed for each node – to determine performance characteristics such as profitability of the group of customers in the node or average write-off amounts. The dataset editor may make use of the expression editor shown in FIG. The method combines data mining approaches e.

ICDEApr. A user can sort the node report by clicking on calculation headers. Node reports display the segments and node calculations in a spreadsheet format. With respect to the test strategy capability, according to one embodiment the following functions are provided: The display may include a computer screen, terminal device, a hardcopy producing output device such as a printer or plotter, or a similar device. According to one embodiment, as a variation to all of the above mentioned flows, the dataset may be partitioned.

System and method for constraint-based rule mining in large, dense data-sets. The strategy view is the server side repository containing the mining view dataset as extended by a user in the context of building strategy trees.

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