Angrist Data Archive. Angrist and Krueger (). Does compulsory school attendance affect schooling and earnings? Notes: This posting includes three data. Angrist and Krueger, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Does compulsory school attendance affect schooling and earnings? Economics Department. Technology. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, November . Angrist and Krueger [ formally model the link hetween age at school entry and.

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The regressions in the paper include covariates which are not in the data set posted here, so this will not replicate exactly the results in the paper. You cannot undelete this draft. Volunteer for online usability research! Krueer file s will be deleted after you click on the Delete button. Please select a file or files to be edited. Once you do so it must remain published. Stata Syntax – 2.

MIT Economics : Angrist Data Archive

In this paper krueget reconsider the analysis of the effect of education on income by Angrist and Krueger It will no longer be viewable by the public. Detailed information on the data and the program files.

Finally, some assumptions of Angrist and Krueger are investigated and it is examined if one could still obtain usable results if some assumptions are dropped.


You can not upload additional files to this dataset. Estimated first-stage parameters are then used to construct fitted values and second-stage parameter estimates in the other half sample. Are you sure you want to deaccession?

Return this dataset to contributor for modification. Files will not be removed from previously published versions of the dataset. This suggests that quarter of birth does not only affect the number of completed years of schooling for those who leave school as soon as the law allows for it, as these persons usually have completed years of education.

SSIV uses one-half of a sample to estimate parameters of the first-stage equation. Related Anx Joshua D. Bayesian results under the Jeffreys prior are emphasized, as these results are valid in finite samples and because in the instrumental variables IV regression model the Jeffreys prior is in a certain sense, truly, non-informative.

Angrist Data Archive

Tabular Data – 5. Please select a file or files for access request. Econometric Institute Research Papers. This dataset cannot be published until Joshua Angrist Dataverse is published by its administrator.

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Related Publication Joshua D. Once you deaccession this dataset it will no longer be viewable by the public. Select existing file tags or create new tags to describe your files.


Angristand Krueger apply a classical method, two-stage least-squares 2SLSand consider results for data sets on individuals from all states of the US. If applicable, please leave a URL where this dataset can be accessed after deaccessioning.

In this paper the research by Angrist and Krueger is extended both in a methodological and an empirical way.

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A reconsideration of the Angrist-Krueger analysis on returns to education

Plain Text – Kruegsr you sure you want to republish this dataset? Please select version s for deaccessioning. Further, it is considered how results vary between subsets of the data corresponding to regions of the US.

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