Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in her saga of a family of powerful psionic Talents (The Rowan and Damia) raised to serve the Nine Star League. New York Times bestselling fantasy author Anne McCaffrey “interweaves an engrossing romance with a coming-of-age story”(Publishers Weekly) in this novel in. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in Damia’s Children (A Tower and Hive Novel Book 3) by [ McCaffrey, Anne. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading.. . Loading.

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Being highly talented, she learns early on how to shield herself from those watching, and she soon finds out how to open a door.

It should probably be called “Afra” too, but that’s something else! Deneb mccffrey a newly colonized world, and some people really dislike Talents, although they are very much needed to settle the worlds.

Damia’s Children (Tower and Hive, book 3) by Anne McCaffrey

However, when Damia does something so reprehensible to another minor Talented person, that his whole career goes down the drain I do love the problems of dealing with Talented and gifted children!

Much like the first, I liked the science fiction but not so much the romance s. Can’t give it a 5 but if I said why it would spoil it. I tried to keep an open mind about it, but Afra had taken care of Damia like a father in the beginning and then they became lovers But you know, I think I’ve realized why this series wears on me; it’s quite boring to read about hyper-privileged aristocrats who are spoilt, moody, confident of their skills and power and who never interact with the This is silly, this book isn’t about Damia, it’s about Afra.

McCaffery isn’t going to tell us explicitly. The first quarter of this book basically retells the first book, Rowan, from the point of view of another character.

I have read most of if not all her books. This book leaves less completed, and once you read it, you’ll feel like you need to know what’s going on with these aliens. Thank goodness after a book of very noble, mccafffrey characters, McCaffery mcdaffrey us The Chapter of Love and Quiet Moments Fishing, a single note of reflection in an otherwise very busy book spanning twenty eight years of the life of the male protagonist another question, what does Capella’s ‘methody’ ethic entail, really?


What does it mean that mercurial Damia didn’t shield when she was with her first lover, Amer? Damia just gets a bit of a stern word from Afra Kids can get in enough trouble without psychic powers.

In the end, the two wind up defending humanity against an even more dangerous alien enemy than the Hive faced by the Rowan. I did not snne this book as much as the first time I read it some 15 years ago for a two reasons: But one good thing has come from it all, Damia finally knows that Afra is her mate, and they become bonded, like her mother and Jeff Raven all those years ago. She died in This is silly, this book isn’t about Damia, it’s about Afra.

Damia’s Children

A fair number of typos like it was scanned in and mccarfrey edited quite well enough e. Damia is the middle child of the Rowan and Jeff Raven. May 04, Douglas Milewski rated it it was ok. This review is for the audiobook. Definitely worth ignoring those spots. This article does not cite any sources.

She wants more for her family than that, she wants them to have a successful career and to be an asset to annf planet. Not quite as good as the first book, but felt like an okay ‘girl coming of age’ story. I’m pretty sure mentally diminishing someone else’s own Talent so that they will never work in a Tower again should have resulted in Damia having mental walls placed in her own mind so that she can’t Like the first book, I did enjoy reading it The first half of the book’s all Afra, the second half of the book’s largely Damia, the Rowan lurks around being moody and pregnant and fussy, Raven flits in and out like the high school quarterback, adored by all.


Account Options Sign in. Paperbackpages. Why is she so drained by the contact? Of all the Rowan’s children, Damia was the most brilliant and the one who inherited the Talent. PenguinFeb 1, – Fiction – pages. Lyon later realizes that he has fallen in love with his young ward, which gives him rather conflicted feelings.

Dec 21, Aurian Booklover rated it really liked it. It’s incredibly well laced for a series of generations to pass, and the texts ties up perfectly. Such an excellent First Contact tale! For powerful telekinetics like they are, that is an samia thing to do.

Having the audiobook narration has been excellent. The expanded use of minds, the difficulties in raising talented youngsters.

Her two older siblings had this weird sibling bond and they tended to leave her out of their games. And on a moon base, living inside a bubble, that can become dangerous.

To see what your friends thought of this book, camia sign up. It’s not the kind of book I read for the writing itself, it’s the book I read for the ideas of the characters.

We meet several characters, follow the development of both their personal and professional lives, culminating in a rehashing of the original short story, “Damia. So I think I will certainly go back and fill the gap. In the first novel, I found Afra to be one of the more interesting characters, so I was delighted to see him growing from a child into his manhood and his position of devoted second to the Rowan.

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