A pen using Anoto technology is a pen that uses standard ink, but writes on paper with a special pattern of tiny dots that allow the pen to know where it is on the. Anoto Group AB (former C Technologies) is a Swedish technology company that develops and It works by recognizing a special non-repeating dot pattern printed on the paper. The non-repeating nature of the pattern means that the pen is. Define Anoto Dot Pattern. means an absolute positioning and electronically detectable background pattern to be printed on paper or other media that is read by.

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Every digital pen has a unique pen ID, which is included every time data is sent from the pen.

Basic Anoto Outline

Anoto always recommends the use of Anoto Qualified Printers and Anoto Certified Printing, but in certain cases this might not be possible or even necessary. There is a 52 bit long sequence. When you touch the pen to the paper, it can do one of two things, based on where on the page you’re writing:. Qualified printers are always recommended, especially when the quality of the printed pattedn pattern is of critical importance to the performance of the complete system.

United States Patent 5, This is primarily due to the wide degree of options, colour control and postscript compatibility that manufacturers build into their printer ankto and device drivers.


Anoto – Digital Writing Solutions

This means that if you have errors, you can scan more sections and thus decrease the error rate. The dots in a particular axis are what is known as a cyclic single-track gray code. Postscript support is preferred. Write notes or messages Complete a form Design a picture or drawn pttern image Digital paper is just ordinary paper with an Anoto Microdot Pattern.

Download the Free Dot Toolkit from its Sourceforge project page. The digital pen digitises handwritten information from the moment you put pen to paper for precision data capture of any written information or drawn images.

The same property is true vertically as well. Anoto penPresenter is a personal digital whiteboard. Anoto works together with its partners to enable quality printing of the Anoto Microdot Pattern for a variety of business setups.

It is minimally documented, and may have bugs. Specifically, it looks at an MxM sized square, and analyzes what the X and Y positions are.


Archived from the original PDF on 16 September The effect of this is that if you know the top and the left edge, you can regenerate an entire page perfectly. The pen data also includes details on the specific paper form and page.

I can not advise you on legal matters. In these cases, Anoto Tested Printers offer an alternative. While some of Anoto’s licensees have targeted the consumer sector, with, for example, learning toys, most licensees sell their products to solution providers who put together customized vertical market systems. It places one block in the middle of the page, then goes through each block in sequence and checks where it fits, if it fits.


This means that when you look at a 6×6 grid of Anoto dots, you don’t need any special alignment markers to tell you where you are – there’s no “this way up” marking.

Then it goes to the next anito image, and repeats itself. Languages Svenska Edit links. These arrays represent the start coordinates for the appropriate row or column.

Optical scan voting systems are based on Anoto technology. Anoto is the original designer of the system, and all the current products that use the system use a core engine designed by Anoto.

A brief technical introduction to Anoto technology

It is reasearch code, not end-user code. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Consider both speed and quality, so select a printer with care. I didn’t have such good results with a dpi scanner, but I believe that better algorithms and image processing would fix that. It does this in the X and Y axes. These images are stored as data with the precise position of the pen within the digital pen’s memory and labelled with a time stamp.

Make any surface digital with the patented Anoto Microdot Pattern. Dots are printed in black; other anoyo of ink are invisible to the pen’s IR sensor.

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