Ante Ciliga – pronounced “Tsiliga” – became famous to the point of becoming the emblem of the opposition to Stalinism and to “the Bolshevik system” of state. ANTE CILIGA. It is with an extreme discretion that the French press (Le Monde, October 28, ), announced, in some poor lines, the death of Ante Ciliga. The file was just too big and I can’t seem to compress it without losing quality, so I posted it on : The Russian Enigma – Ante Ciliga.

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Each day, prisoners were shot. When the Anet of February bursts, Ciliga was doing his military service in the Austrian-Hungarian army. If there is a statement that is appropriate as an obituary for Ante Ciliga, it is that of his friend Ivo Vucicevic: Cillga it is with a certain glare that was celebrated in February in Croatia the th birthday of Ciliga, presented as a “patriot” and a “worthy child of the country”, who was personally honorated in by the General-President Tudjman Croatia WeeklyZagreb, March 26, Building relationships and community in an IWW workplace committee.

Few of Ciliga’s extensive writings have appeared in English translation. He became prominent, in this period, in the political life of the Croat diaspora. Nate Stansted 15 protesters, who stopped a government deportation flight from taking off in March last year, have today been found guilty of breaching terror laws.

In the country of the great lie.

Ante Ciliga – Wikipedia

But he does not pass with weapons and luggage on the side of the new red “bourgeoisie”, “camouflaged under the tinsels of bureaucrat”. Founder Ante Ciliga Collection. Ten years in the country of the disconcerting lieEditions Champ Libre, Paris, The repeated failures that the communist movement in Europe underwent showed the need for improving some, to look further into the tactics of it.

Its theoretical weakness held in what not only it xiliga the wnte plans as “bluff ” but it denied the world economic crisis. In the same year, due to persecution because of his illegal party work, he was exiled from the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The anglophile opposition the two ministers Lorkovic and Vokic was pitilessly decapitated in September after the attempt against Hitler.

It is in this book that is condensed the best of the former son of Croatian poor small farmers, this son also of the international Revolution, who had ceased thinking one moment that he was Croatian, to be a man without fatherland nor nation, among other beings who had refused the nation for the hope of a planetary revolution giving rise to the mankind-world.


Thus, sinceCiliga affirmed it that the discovery of atomic energy, and threatens it of a third world war put on the agenda “the world political unification, the planetary official organisation “. Klockner; VWP, Darmstadt,p.

Ciliga, Ante

For the cilita of ange IVth congress of the Comintern, the chiefs of the Yugoslav party turned all their attention on the electoral victories and took care not to frighten the Petty-Bourgeois elements in showing what was a Communist Party and which were its struggle methods The local elections had given it 59 seats.

Although he had abandoned the communist movement, he ciligw to write about socialist ideas on the basis of democracy and to criticize party dictatorships. But, as he self writes it, he made the same experiment of Maximalist indecision, which he had observed in Hungary among the Socialists and the Communists.

In addition, in summerwith the unloading in Normandy, Pavelic realised the place of the unloading would not be any more in Dalmatian.

It followed a proliferation of nationalist groups from the Stalinist left to the extreme Ustasha right-wing tendency, splitting groups – for example per These comments signal that Trotsky had ceased to view Ciliga as a political ally, and now saw him as an opponent, if not an outright enemy.

In Septemberthe embassy of Italy noted that Ciliga was of “antifascist feelings without however carrying out any propaganda ” This insulator was the last place where it could be easy to speak freely, where the press and meetings freedom was exerted. The war with Italy involved his evacuation in Moravia, where he finished his studies at the college of Brno, in Czech language! Who helped him escape?

Ante Ciliga

On the other hand, in an article of BorbaNo. As of his arrival, the organisation seemed to him not like the staff of the world revolution but a simple branch, “without much importance”, attached to the propaganda service of the Russian party. The other reason was that the GPU, which had agents until the interior of the prison, pushed towards the scission.

He thought whereas the resolution of these national contrasts would pass by the international Communist Party. At that time, therefore, he was far from being adverse, and followed the official line. Ciliga raised the question to embark France for the USA or to remain in this country, “to go on a circular journey through Europe in war, to see by his proper eyes the aspects of the crisis and decline of the European continent “.


The analysis of the balancesheet of the political forces in Verkhne Uralsk was confirmed by the letter of two “orthodox” Trotskyists of this prison T. Once released, Ciliga entered to Yugoslavia where he lived under the protection of the police. He cipiga in Budapest when the Hungarian Soviet Republic was proclaimed in A “Committee of the Yugoslav journalists in exile”, affirmed in a French leaflet Paris, April 22, that “while Ciliga was in Soviet Russia, he was excluded from the Yugoslav party under the double charge to have belonged to the Trotskyist group and to have served the Yugoslav secret police.

Pouchas and Ciliga Such was the dialectic that individuals like Ciliga sought to elucidate, to themselves and to others.

She was exiled inremaria and “was rehabilitated” in All these leading functions drew to him the attention of the police. On top, as on certain articles of SpremnostCiliga kept a total silence in his memories and interviews. Consequently, he recommended “the separation of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro of the framework of Yugoslavia and their constitution in independent republics ” The Tito regime accepted the domination of the Great Russian Imperialism over the peoples of the USSR, and wanted for itself the recognition of domination of the Great Serbian Imperialism over the peoples of Yugoslavia and the Balkans emphasis in original … The disagreement and conflict among the Communistic regimes of Sofia, Belgrade, and Moscow, is the conflict and quarrel among three imperialistic ckliga, a great one and two smaller ones, over the distribution of the booty.

His articles related to his experiment in Russia Sike Oct 2 Log in for more features Click here to register now. Its books on Yugoslavia will make known in France, Italy, and other countries as much by the republication of its ciilga on “the great lie” and by its booklet on Lenin

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